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State’s recruitment specialists to promote county in foreign lands

State’s recruitment specialists to promote county in foreign lands
State’s recruitment specialists to promote county in foreign lands | State’s recruitment specialists to promote county in foreign lands

Four members of Tennessee’s foreign recruitment team, consisting of Rainer Heuman of Germany, Bob Bathgate of Canada, Li Weaver of China and Taka Yamaguchi of Japan, were given a detailed overview of Obion County’s industrial infrascture
Staff Reporter
A group of key international economic development officials got a personal tour of Union City Tuesday, hosted by Obion County Joint Economic Development Corporation Economic Development director Lindsay Frilling.
The local tour began shortly after 11 a.m. Tuesday and included stops at the city’s new spec building in the Northwest Tennessee Regional Industrial Center and Everett-Stewart Regional Airport.
The four-member group that visited Union City Tuesday represent Tennessee’s industrial recruitment specialists in Germany, Canada, China and Japan.
Rainer Heuman, Bob Bathgate, Li Weaver and Taka Yamaguchi represent Tennessee in each of the four countries. Their job is to recruit industries to the Volunteer State.
In order to sell the state to foreign investors, the four delegates visited Union City to become better acquainted with what this area has to offer.
They toured the spec building before being treated to lunch and a PowerPoint presentation at the local airport.
Mrs. Frilling’s presentation at the airport provided the delegation with a broad overview of the area’s assets, including transportation, quality of life, access to major markets, education, health care, tourism and local government.
The informative presentation touched upon each of those subjects, but it was in the area of industrial development that Mrs. Frilling’s presentation went the most in-depth.
She told the group one of this area’s key selling points continues to be transportation access — air, rail, highway and water.
“Union City serves as the regional trade center for northwest Tennessee and southwest Kentucky, as well as the county seat for Obion County,” Mrs. Frilling said as she narrated her PowerPoint presentation.
She talked about Everett-Stewart Regional Airport, Lake County’s Cates Landing project, I-69 and the Canadian National Railroad in Obion County. She explained how she and other economic development officials are promoting the county’s access to the four methods of transportation.
It’s a busy week for Mrs. Frilling as she will be in Nashville the rest of the week to take part in the annual Governor’s Conference on Economic and Community Development. Published in The Messenger 9.22.11

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