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Martin Fine Arts Club meets

Martin Fine Arts Club meets

Posted: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 8:23 am

The Martin Fine Arts Club met Sept. 7 in the home of Mrs. Lee Pritchett.
Hostesses Mrs. Pritchett and Mrs. Tom Gallien welcomed the 21 members to the beautiful Pritchett home with its touches of fall décor.  
President Mrs. Gallien welcomed everyone to the new year in the club and led the club in reciting the collect.
She thanked the yearbook committee for their work in planning the programs and printing the beautifully bound yearbook.  
April minutes were read by the secretary, Mrs. Michael Hinds, and approved by the club.  A “thank you” note was read from Mrs. Marilyn Holder written on behalf of the Freed House (Trenton) Ladies Club concerning the Fine Arts tour of that historic home in April.
Mrs. John Wall, the treasurer, collected yearly dues and gave a funds report.
At the conclusion of the business meeting, Mrs. Sanford Truitt introduced Mrs. Lee Pritchett who assisted by her daughter Mrs. John Chester, gave a cooking lesson on how to prepare several delicious dishes:  Honey Chicken Salad, Cranberry Salad, Reuben Quesadillas, Chocolate Covered Bacon, Peaches Foster, Banana Pudding with Moon Pie, Artichoke Cheese Dip and Cinnamon Tea Rolls.  Mrs. Pritchett, well-known for her culinary skills, then offered a buffet table of these dishes for our sampling.  
This was all served with hot coffee and good fellowship.  
Members in attendance not already mentioned were Mrs. Bob Cheeseman, Mrs. Harold Clifton, Mrs. Donnie Davis, Mrs. Joe Exum, Mrs. Tom Farmer, Mrs. Lowell Fields, Mrs. G.T. Hall, Mrs. Morris Liming, Mrs. Bob Peeler, Mrs. E. B. Pritchett Jr., Mrs. George Pritchett, Mrs. James Pritchett, Mrs. James Shore, Mrs. Fred Vowell and Mrs. Phil Wade.  

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