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From the 8th District desk – 9.20.11

From the 8th District desk – 9.20.11

Posted: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 9:24 am
By: U.S. Rep. Stephen Fincher

Last week, I introduced the America’s Energy Independence Act, which would prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from enforcing its overreaching Cross-State Pollution Rule for 10 years.
These regulations were recently updated in 2005. This bill is designed to avoid a huge increase in the cost of electricity that American families simply cannot afford. It should be America’s priority to keep the flow of electricity high and the cost of electricity for America’s families low.
Additionally, I introduced the Invest in America Act which would suspend the capital gains tax for 10 years, providing more certainty to families who are being penalized for selling their homes, their investments and farms.  
I encourage both sides of the aisle to support these bills and other common sense solutions to help put Americans back to work. It is my hope that we can work toward the right policies to create jobs without additional wasteful spending paid for on the backs of small business and job creators.
Americans want results and we need jobs.  I am ready to act and work together in order to put America back on the right track.  There are places we can find agreement in order to help job creators grow and put Americans back to work.  
We need regulatory relief for small businesses and job creators, we need to keep taxes low for hardworking Americans and we must address and improve our nation’s infrastructure. 

WCP 9.20.11


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