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Animal Adoption Center

Animal Adoption Center

Posted: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 5:02 pm

The Animal Adoption Center has the following animals available:
• Puppy, Lab/Spaniel-mix, black and white.
• Puppy, Lab-mix, white and brown.
• Puppies, Chihuhua, brown; white and brown.
• Adult, Australian Shepherd-mix, black, tan and spotted.
• Adult, Chihuhua-mix, brown and white.
• Adult, Dalmation/Lab-mix, white and brown.
• Two adult Feist/Lab-mix, black, brown and white.
• Adult Heeler-mix, black and spotted.
• Adult Hound-mix, black and tan.
• Two adult Labs, yellow.
•Adult Lab/Shepherd-mix, black and tan.
• Two adult Lab-mix, black and white.
• Adult Lab-mix, black bobtail.
• Adult Springer Spaniel/Lab-mix, black.
• Adult Lab-mix, black.
• Adult Mastiff, tan.
• Adult, Maltese, white.
• Adult, Pom, cream.
• Several adult Terrier/Shepherd-mixes, brindle and white; and yellow and white.
• Several cats and kittens.

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