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Samburg board awards contract to Barker Bros.

Samburg board awards contract to Barker Bros.
Staff Reporter
Efforts to clean up around Samburg are moving slowly forward.
City officials took one step forward Monday night with the hiring of Barker Brothers Waste to handle residential and commercial trash collection.
The Samburg mayor and board of aldermen unanimously approved a five-year contract with Barker Brothers Waste of Troy, one of two bidders for the city’s trash collection contract.
Under the Barker Brothers contract, the city will be billed $12.07 a month per home and between $59.80 and $89.86 per month for commercial dumpsters. Those rates will increase by 3.5 percent a year for the length of the contract, unless a lower rate is negotiated by next month’s meeting.
Also bidding for the city’s trash collection contract was ECM of Ridgely.
Representatives of both companies attended Monday night’s Samburg meeting, but it was the lower bid from Barker Brothers Waste that was approved by the board.
Also, Barker Brothers has agreed to provide each residence in the town with a 95-gallon trash container at no charge. Other sections of the Barker Brothers contract are expected to be worked out with the city.
Also Monday night, the board released a list of 19 residents and two businesses that are behind on their garbage bills. The total amount the 21 names on the list owe the city is $4,623.12 and Mayor Larry Gene Davis said some of the bills date back three years.
“That’s a lot of money and we need that money,” Davis said.
For the second time this year, letters will be sent out to the delinquent customers. If the letters don’t resolve the matter, the board could pursue legal action to collect the money owed to the city.
A move by the board to institute a slum clearance ordinance will have to take a step back in order to comply with legal requirements for the ordinance. The mayor reported to the board Monday night he was informed by the city attorney that more work needs to be done to the planned slum clearance ordinance before it’s legal.
“Basically, we have to appoint a health officer,” Davis said.
The slum clearance ordinance being developed by the board is designed to clean up some run-down areas around town.
Also during Monday night’s meeting, the board:
• Was informed of a mandatory Municipal Technical Advisory Service meeting set for Nov. 9 in Jackson.
• Was approached by George Bunch Jr., who requested the board consider turning over the city’s deed to the boat ramp next to Samburg City Hall.
He informed the board it was his father who donated the ramp to the city and the county has already turned over its part of the boat ramp and now he wants the city to take the same action. Bunch was joined at the meeting by Tim and Jennifer Bunch.
Due to several members of the board being absent from the meeting, Davis asked the Bunch family to give the board until its next meeting to approve the request.
Absent from Monday night’s 45-minute meeting were Johnnie Johnson, Juni Fickle and John Vancleave.
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Published in The Messenger 9.20.11

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