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Commission requires source of funding for new requests

Commission requires source of funding for new requests
Staff Reporter
The Obion County Com-mission has added an accountability measure for any new funding requests.
The commission voted 20-0 at its session Monday to adopt a resolution requiring a source of funding be identified with any new expenditure request from Obion County departments or officials.
The resolution was presented by budget committee chairman Danny Jowers, who said the reason for the action is simple: To ensure that before commissioners vote on any new expenditure, they know the source of revenue for funding the request.
The Obion County Commission is required by state law to pass and maintain a balanced bud-get for the county. Each year, effective July 1, the commission reviews and passes a new budget with funding sources and expenditures approved by the county’s budget committee.
From time to time, though, new expenditures not found in the previous year’s budget are requested by county departments or officials.
According to the reso-lution, any new expenditure not found in the preceding budget will have attached a fiscal note identifying a source of funding for the cost of the new expenditure. Upon reviewing the fiscal note, the budget committee will identify the source of funding for the appropriation.
Before any new expen-diture can be forwarded to the commission, new expenditures must be clearly identified as either recurring or a one-time expense.
New expenditures will be identified by the budget committee chairman upon presentation of the budget to the commission. During the presentation, a source of revenue for the expenditure will be identified either as a decrease of fund balance in a specific fund or as a new tax or fee for said fund, according to the resolution.
A separate vote will be taken by the commission on the new expenditure and its source of funding.
Budget approved
In another budget-related item Monday, the commission approved the Obion County Nursing Home’s 2011-12 budget by a 20-0 vote. It includes a 2 percent pay increase for nursing home employees — the same amount the commission approved for other county employees.
The nursing home’s previously-proposed budget was sent back to the budget committee for re-evaluation at the Aug. 15 commission meeting. It had included a 3 percent line item increase for employee raises, but nursing home administrator Tom Reddick explained at that time that the increase had not been approved by the facility’s board and a budget had to be drafted before the facility knew what it would receive.
Other action
In other action during Monday’s 30-minute meeting, which was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer led by commissioner Dean Jowers, the county commission:
• Re-elected commissioner Ralph Puckett as chairman and commissioner Allen Nohsey as chairman pro tem of the 21-member legislative body.
• Approved by a vote of 20-0 the proposed farm lease contracts for Everett-Stewart Regional Airport and the Obion County Nursing Home. The three-year lease periods will run from Jan. 1, 2012, to Dec. 31, 2014, with bids to be accepted for the lease of the farm land at both locations and the county commission to have final approval.
• Accepted on a 20-0 vote a resolution to amend the interlocal agreement between Obion and Weakley counties involving Everett-Stewart Regional Airport. The amendments must be approved by both counties’ legislative bodies.
• Approved a first amendment to payment in-lieu-of tax, personal property lease and real property lease agreement in regard to Green Plains Obion LLC. The vote was 19-1, with commissioner Jerry Grady voting against it.
The proposed first amendment between the Industrial Development Board of Union City and Green Plains amends the payment in-lieu-of tax, personal property lease and real property lease agreement entered into as of Jan. 1, 2009. It corrects the inadvertent underestimation of the property values and states that such corrected values do not, and will not, affect the amount of in-lieu-of property taxes the ethanol plant is obligated to pay.
Industrial board member Bedford Dunavant explained the amendment puts the value in line with what auditors wanted.
• Approved acceptance of a state highway project involving U.S. 45 West from near Allie Campbell Road to U.S. 51 in Union City.
• OK’d a surety bond for Obion County Highway Department employee Paula McGuire.
• Approved appointments to the finance and legislative committees.
The finance committee includes commissioners Tim Doyle, Polk Glover (new appointee) and Cloney Taylor, with Obion County Mayor Benny McGuire and county trustee Lori Seals serving as automatic members. Members of the legislative committee are Puckett, Nohsey, Doyle and commissioners Norma Fowler and Terry Roberts.
• Learned the newly-appointed asset study committee will be meeting to look at the county’s assets “to see what to do with them,” according to McGuire. The committee includes a member from each county committee — commissioners Dwayne Hensley, Taylor, Roberts and chairman Jim Bondurant, as well as Obion County Nursing Home board chairman the Rev. Terry Council.
• Approved several notary public applications.
Commissioner Kenneth Barnes was absent from Monday’s session.
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Published in The Messenger 9.20.11

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