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Weakley County Rehab and Nursing Center news

Weakley County Rehab and Nursing Center news

Posted: Wednesday, August 10, 2011 8:01 pm
By: Brittany Rich, Special to The Press

The residents want to give a special thank you to Eric Owen and family for donating fresh peaches and cream corn. He provided enough for everyone and it was delicious. Nothing hits the spot like fresh veggies and we are very grateful for your kindness.
This week’s cover card winners were Vivian Edwards, Garl Winstead, Mag Yeargin, Dorothy Farrar, Thyra Provine, Maybelle Killebrew and Joyce Bryant. For Thursday’s one-line Bingo, each of the participants received fifty cents. The family of LV Fuqua made a monetary donation in her memory for Bingo prizes and special activities. We are so thankful for your generosity and thoughtfulness. There will be many great rounds of Bingo played in her honor.
Men’s hour this week was a lot of fun.
The guys joined together for a gentlemanly round of cards.  Our men’s hour is complementary to our ladies fingernail painting held each Monday morning.
The ladies have a huge assortment of shades to choose from and leave with well-manicured nails.
Our sports competitions this week went great. Ray Crowell was the top dog of tallyoop, with Thyra Provine in second place. Blanche Bullock was all skill when it came to indoor lawn darts.
Her runner-up was Dorothy Larson. Congratulations to all our winners and to their wonderful competition for giving it their all.  
A highlight activity of the week was the sensory hour. While sensory music played overhead, the residents had to guess what the hidden items were based on their senses alone excluding vision. The residents did great and enjoyed working out the less dominate senses.
The residents had two great opportunities to receive prizes and go shopping this week. The country store was open Tuesday afternoon and the majority of the residents were ready to shop. The tables were filled with store items ranging from jewelry to snack foods. The items are either provided by the nursing home or donated.
They did their best at the guessing game of Price is Right with some wonderful prizes up for grab. Those winning the items had to be the closest guesser to the original price. Crowell received the gift basket, Larson the hand-painted trinket box, Geneva Foster the gold bracelet and matching necklace and Farrar the silver key chain.
It’s always a fun activity.
We celebrated our July birthday goers on Wednesday with a facility-wide party. They had fresh-baked chocolate and vanilla cake and it was decorated beautifully. For Friday’s social, they enjoyed homemade ice cream. They had their choice of strawberry, vanilla or banana. On Thursday morning, the residents and department heads joined for prayer breakfast.
The dietary department prepared a delicious country ham breakfast with eggs cooked to suit, homemade biscuits, red-eye gravy, scratch oatmeal and a drink of choice. We were honored to have Bro. Virgil Allen deliver the devotional and his wife and facility social worker Barbara Allen sing a special.
These three activities seemed to really hit the spot.  
Our Sunday morning services were provided by Liberty Church of Christ and Dresden First Baptist Church. We were fortunate to have a fifth Sunday so that meant another special Sunday afternoon service.  
New Home Baptist Church provided the program and did a wonderful job. We always look forward to having them.

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