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School dress code amended

School dress code amended
Going into its second year, the Weakley County Schools’ dress code policy will feature only a few minor revisions in wording.
Thursday afternoon at the August monthly school board meeting, board members addressed the amendment of Policy 6.310 after tabling it in the July meeting.
Director of Schools Randy Frazier explained that revisions had been made based on “situations that arose” during the first year of the dress code’s implementation.
“We don’t have any major changes,” he explained, “but some wording needed to be added for the installation into the previous policy.”
Last year’s policy stated that solid-colored turtleneck shirts worn under other shirts must be of the same color. The amended version of the policy now states that the solid-colored turtleneck shirt does not have to match the outer shirt. For example, Greenfield school colors are orange and black, so an orange turtleneck could be worn under a black shirt.
Other revisions include:
• No tucking in of pants around the ankles.
• No suspenders.
• No pants having more than two pockets on one side (e.g. cargo pants).
• Brand-name jackets are allowable, but the logo must meet the size requirements.
• Socks must be solid-colored and matching.
Frazier also remarked that a study done by a student teacher in the school system revealed an overall positive reaction to the dress code with a decrease in discipline problems.
The revised policy passed unanimously on its first reading.
Also passing on its first reading was Policy 4.603 regarding promotion and retention.
In summary, this policy eliminates the notification of Dresden High School as a block school, so that students at DHS will receive report cards the same time as other non-block schools.
Additionally, in adhering to a new law, students in the third grade will not be promoted to the fourth grade unless they can “demonstrate a basic understanding of the subject of reading based on grades or standardized test scores.” If, however, a student takes a research-based remediation course prior to the start of the next school year, he or she can still be promoted.
“This is a state law hoping to make students more academically prepared for the fourth grade,” Frazier remarked.
More changes to this portion of the policy are expected to be discussed in the fall with one of them being if students are recommended for a remedial course in summer school and they fail to attend, they could fall under the truancy law.
Finally, middle school students must have a passing grade in five subjects. In this case, remedial courses can be pursued as well.
These two policies will be reviewed on their second and final readings at the September board meeting.
Policy amendments passing on their second and final readings included:
• Policy 4.301 – Interscholastic athletics. This allows full-time administrators the assignment of coaching duties outside the regular school day, but none during the school day.
This policy will be readdressed and revised next school year.
• Policy 5.202 – This states that all non-certified employees are hired and dismissed by the director of schools.
• Policy 6.204 – This is a “cleaned up” version to meet state law and reads that all out-of-state residents are not allowed to attend Weakley County schools. Out-of-county in-state residents must follow the state law that says students have to apply to the school within two weeks of the beginning of the school year, be evaluated by the director of schools and have the approval of the current and former school districts in order to be accepted.
As these were the second and final readings, they are now a part of the policy manual.
In other business, the board addressed and approved changes to the kindergarten report card. Instructional Supervisor for K-5 Charlene Alsup reported that a committee of three teachers met to discuss revisions.
“The kindergarten, first and second grade in the State of Tennessee will be moving this year to full implementation of common core standards. It’s very similar to the ones we’ve had with the carbon copy. A letter is sent home to the parents reporting progress as satisfactory or unsatisfactory and then the second six weeks, the page is marked with a carbon copy,” she explained.
The board approved the acceptance of $64,081 as part of the Energy Efficient Schools Initiative grant. This will go towards the final cost of the HVAC air-conditioning units installation project at Dresden High School and Martin Middle School.
A number of volunteer coaches were approved including:
• Brandon Jolley, Dresden Middle football;
• Tim Dehart, Greenfield football;
• Jessie Bryant, Greenfield baseball;
• Karrie Radford, Greenfield Junior High softball;
• John Liggett, Greenfield girls’ basketball for junior high and high school;
• Todd Maxey, Dresden Middle and Dresden High cross country;
• Tracey Greer, Dresden Middle cross country;
• Alex Robinson, Dresden Middle boys’ basketball;
• Wendi Maxey, Dresden High cross country;
• Chad Hodge, Dresden High football;
• Kenneth Irvine, Dresden High football;
• Richie Ritz, Dresden High boys’ basketball;
• Jerry Gallimore, Dresden High softball;
• Byrd Lockhart, Dresden High softball;  
• Cary Villasca, Martin Middle football;
• Greg Robb, Westview softball;
• Derek Elliott, Westview boys’ basketball;
• Dave Reinhard, Westview boys’ soccer;
• Chris Brakeen, Westview football.
Board members Barbara Trentham and Joan Pritchett were reappointed to the sick leave bank.
In committee reports, board member Steve Vantrease reported that the planning committed had discussed teacher-evaluation training and it is now in the process of being brought to the schools.
A number of consent items passed, including:
• All special education field trips for the 2011-12 school year;
• All vocational education trips for the 2011-12 school year;
• All band trips for the 2011-12 school year;
• All athletic trips for the 2011-12 school year. (All trips are not to be over 100 miles or overnight trips.)
• The hiring of Europe Hall to be the cheerleading sponsor/coach at Martin Middle School.
In updates, Frazier reported that the science lab project at Dresden High School was expected to be completed by Aug. 1, but has fallen behind schedule and is being rushed to be finished by the start of the year. The HVAC project at Martin Middle and Dresden High is “frantically getting duct work complete,” with “99 percent” finished and a Nov. 1 deadline looming ahead.
The next meeting of the board will take place at 5 p.m. on Sept. 1 at Dresden High School.

WCP 8.09.11

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