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Future committee: One spark and you may be the match

Future committee: One spark and you may be the match
It takes just one.
One spark can set the world on fire, one pebble can ripple a whole lake or one idea can change the world.
Taking a few minutes to fill out a survey in today’s edition of The Messenger (see Page 2) could be the catalyst to change your world.
“We’re hoping this re-search will help us see what the people of Obion County want to happen in our community and then bring these ideas to life,” said Bo Pate, co-founder of Obion County Future Committee (OCFC). “We’ve got to make the change.”
It’s this mindset that fuels the OCFC, a youth-fueled grass roots group that aims to retain the area youth and also expand the local job market.
The group met in April at the Obion County Public Library and hosted a giant community brainstorming session, which brought over 100 ideas to the table. Since then, those ideas have been consolidated into a more focused list of 10 “idea sparks.”
The idea sparks are:
• A music festival incorporating all styles of music, similar to Bonnaroo.
• A support basis and community build-up for small businesses, creating classes and workshops to benefit small business owners.
• A support basis and community build-up for the local arts, supporting and expanding local crafts, theater and art.
• A support and community build-up of local tourism, broadcasting local “claims to fame” such as Discovery Park of America, Reelfoot Lake and festivals like the Soybean Festival and CornFest.
• A shopping mall, similar to those in Dyersburg, Paducah and Jackson.
• A mega travel center (I-69), a diesel truck repair/servicing center with trucker showers and amenities, a travel shop, RV park and local restaurants and small stores (A Taste of Tennessee™).
• A dance hall, a nice dance club for area youth.
• A YMCA/family recreation center, a good gym facility and venue.
• Downtown revitalization, increasing our curb appeal.
• A public transportation service, a bus or trolley service that would run daily from Union City to Martin, Dyersburg and Jackson.
In today’s edition of The Messenger, readers will find a sample survey with these top 10 ideas.
“We’re asking readers in our area to tell us what they’d like to see happen,” said Tim Brady, co-founder of OCFC.
Readers are asked to mark their top three ideas, fill out their name and phone number, and then return or mail the completed survey to The Messenger’s office or bring it to the OCFC booth at today’s “Strolling in the City Event” from 1-4 p.m. in downtown Union City.
The Messenger will publish only the results of the survey, with no names or other personal information.
Originally embracing social media such as Facebook™, OCFC set up a survey online to see what ideas the people of Obion County wanted to have happen.
With a good starting response, the results were a fair indication of what the area would like. However, the group realized many citizens of Obion County may not be tuned in to the full capabilities of social media networks and said The Messenger was the logical outreach point for the area.
Published in The Messenger 8.4.11

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