Letters to the WCP Editor – 6.02.11

Letters to the WCP Editor – 6.02.11

Posted: Friday, June 3, 2011 8:01 pm

To the Editor:
If a government can require an individual by law to purchase a product of any kind that he doesn’t want that government can as well require a citizen to climb a tree and dive out on his head. I’m speaking, of course, of the individual mandate in Obama care to force Americans to buy health care insurance.
It is a perfect example of the move toward totalitarian government that threatens our liberty. But wait, it gets much worse. Now the Obama administration is awarding waivers of the law to businesses and even states. This means that government can now pass laws that apply to some people and not others.
This is even more outrageous (and clearly unconstitutional) than the individual mandate itself. Don’t be distracted by the fact that 20 percent of these waivers went to businesses in Nancy Pelosi’s district. The constant pounding on this is to distract us from the fact that the waivers themselves are so absurd.
Our 14th Amendment to the constitution requires equal protection of the law to all citizens. Does a law that is enforced on some people and not others fit this requirement of the 14th Amendment to our constitution? Could such enforcement of law not be used as a tool to financially punish political opponents?
If you are an American you must be either outraged or brain dead. Know our constitution. It’s the only thing we have to protect us from unlimited government and unlimited government is the single most deadly thing in the history of the world.
David Nance
Gibson County Patriots
To the Editor:
On the nights of April 25 and 26 we suffered severe property damage in Glenwood Subdivision as three trees slammed into our house and took out some 35 feet of roof.  As a youth I used to play at the fire station in downtown Jackson where  my uncle Herman worked as a fireman. But the night of April 26 was the first time we had to call 911 with an emergency. I cannot describe the feeling of relief when fire, police and city employees rolled into our battered neighborhood and began to go house to house checking on neighbors.  Firemen helped to remove enough tree debris to allow us to move our cars from the damaged garage and the sound of chain saws was heard throughout the neighborhood until dawn. Firemen also helped ensure that our electric circuits that were badly damaged were safe until an electrician could check them out. Special thanks go to Fire Chief Schwahn and his department. Police Chief Moore and his officers were also on site as well as Billy Wagster and his city crew. We moved to Martin in October of last year and since this April disaster cannot say enough good things about city employees and our neighbors. The day after the damage an off duty fireman, city workers and police officers who assisted us the night before stopped by to ask how we were doing. We would like to thank the police, fire and city employees who worked for weeks to help remove the debris in our neighborhood and would like to especially thank these city employees for their genuine concern for our welfare.
All Martin citizens should be proud of their city and its employees.
Bill, Doris and David Stepp

WCP 6.02.11


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