Weakley County Rehabilitation and Nursing Center News

Weakley County Rehabilitation and Nursing Center News

Posted: Wednesday, June 1, 2011 8:01 pm
By: Brittany Rich, Special to The Press

For National Nursing Home Week, our residents rocked out.   The activity room was decorated in rock posters, instruments, bright colors and lots of stars.  The theme carried on all week and included lots of games, crafts and special food.  The residents created their very own wall posters and rock star necklaces.  

They did a great job on both and had a lot of fun wearing and hanging their creations.  The games included Drum Time with Ray Crowell and Bette Elliot hitting the most beats to win.  Dorothy Farrar and Inez Spence were our Rock Stars ringing the most star wands.  Since you cannot be a true rock star without busting a few guitars, we included the Guitar Toss in our sports.  Lois Morris and Dorothy Farrar proved best.  Many of the pictures posed for a Celebrity Picture in front of our bright light backdrop.  We finished the week with a special Can’t Help but Rock Party.  They enjoyed special tour bus food, McDonalds.  They were all smiles with a sample plate of chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers, French fries, sweet and sour sauce and hot apple and cherry pies for dessert.  They truly are our facility’s Rock Stars.

The Cover Card winners were Lillian Melton, Nancy Mansfield, Geneva Foster, Charcie Stewart, Rose Williams, Lois Morris, Opal Pentecost, Sue Bailey, Zula Buck and Vivian Edwards.  For prizes at one-line Bingo, the residents had a wide assortment of snack items and then fifty cents for last week’s round.  We have wonderful help from peer residents, employees and family members.

The residents enjoyed popcorn and a movie on Wednesday.  The delicious smell fills the hallways and lures in lots of hungry residents, employees and visitors.  It is one activity that does not need announcing.  Since summer is on us and the days are starting to warm up, ice cream seems to be what hits the spot.  A group of residents were delighted with ice cream sandwiches on Friday.  

We have had a wide variety of sports and games for the residents to participate in.  They took turns bowling on the Wii.  They are really getting good and lots of strikes are popping up.  They did an outstanding job at Trivia impressing everyone.  Lucille Prince and Mignon Mayo won the Basketball Shootout.  

The Doughnut Toss is always fun and tasty.  Ray Crowell and Nancy Mansfield were the winners of the game, but all participants received a yummy prize.  Batter Up called up all the pitchers in facility and the strike out winners were Dorothy Farrar and Barry Flowers.  Mignon Mayo and Craig Moeller finished up our winners circle at the Velcro Toss.  Congratulations to all our winners.

Our facility was well entertained with two wonderful musical performances.  Friends of Carmen Kelley and Martha Hayes both did an exceptional job and left everyone bragging.  Our religious services have been held by Bro. Tom Spellings of Gleason Methodist Church, Siloam Baptist Church, Dresden First United Methodist Church, Adams Chapel Baptist Church, Dresden First Baptist Church and Liberty Church of Christ.  These churches bless our residents so much with great scriptures, devotionals, as well as, song services.  Thank you all for taking time out and providing worship services for our residents.

Sharon First Baptist Church’s WMU group visited our residents with a wide variety of presents for them.  They went around and visited making everyone so happy.  We really appreciate your kindness.



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