Weakley County painted purple for Relay

Weakley County painted purple for Relay
Weakley County painted purple for Relay | Weakley County Relay for Life events

As Weakley County prepares for three Relay for Life events, County Mayor Houston Patrick (center, seated) signed an official document to “paint the county purple” in honor of the events.
Weakley County has officially been painted purple.
To ring in the three Relay for Life events that begin June 3, of course.
On Friday morning, Weakley County Mayor Houston Patrick signed three documents – one for Weakley Southwest, one for Weakley West and one for Weakley East – to welcome in the Relay for Life season that has become a local, state and nationwide tradition. Additionally, for the combination of all three events, Weakley County received a plaque for being named fourth in the state and fifth in the nation in per capita dollars raised for the American Cancer Society.
“Relay for Life is a great event. It’s one of the largest events for the American Cancer Society,” Katrina Cobb, chairman of the Weakley West Relay for Life commented. “We do our best to raise money to educate people about ways to prevent cancer. We help to provide services including Hope Lodge. Our main goal is to put an end to cancer. We’re here to raise money; we’re here to support the survivors and we’re here to make sure everyone is a survivor into the future.”
Up first, the Weakley Southwest event, will pick up the baton and begin the race for the county for the next three weekends. Weakley Southwest representative and cancer survivor Keith Jones encouraged all Weakley Countians to come out to the event that starts Friday night, June 3, and goes into the early-morning hours of Saturday.
“We’re looking forward to a big event Friday night. It’s going to be filled with fun events, entertainment and recreation. The most important thing is paying tribute to those who have gone on before us, those of us who are like me, who are survivors and to look for a cure. We hope to have a big time and hope that all of you will come out. The event will start at 5 p.m. at the Greenfield Football field. The main program is at 7 p.m. The survivor walk is just a little after that and fun and games for the rest of the night,” he remarked.
After Patrick signed the three documents, the ceremony continued outside the Weakley County courthouse with a medal placed in the hand of the Gov. Ned Ray McWherter statue. McWherter battled cancer throughout his life and the medal, which spells out “hope,” will be placed in his hand each of the next three Fridays to inspire and motivate the Relay for Life events to success.
“Relay for Life is a very important part of the total effort to not only sustain, but to maintain life. We are proud of all the people that contribute to that effort whether organized or unorganized. I’m happy today to be in a position of signing a proclamation that both encourages and hopefully sustains that effort. I’m proud to be part of that as a county mayor,” Patrick admitted.
“Relay for Life gives some hope where at one time there was no hope and encouragement where it’s needed. Also, it picks up the pace of the effort that’s made to sustain life so it’s somewhat of the heartbeat of the lifeblood of total effort to sustain life and have a better life for some than they would have without it.”
Honorary chairs for the Weakley Southwest event include Monica Black and James Capps and Anna Belle Shane is the honorary caregiver. The chairman is Jeff Rial and the co-chairs are Ray Ann Dudley and Sherrie Wright.
At the Weakley West survivor’s dinner Thursday night, Rial stressed the importance of taking a stand in the Relay events to help ensure the events continue to have the success of those held in the past.
“The best source of getting other survivors together is you,” Rial emphasized. “You’re the reason we’re doing this (Relay for Life).”
Teams for the Southwest event include:
• Bethel Baptist Church
“We Re-Lei for Regena”
Food:  Cute Hotdogs, Chips, & Drink Meal
Snow cones& Mrs. Jackie’s Fudge
Activity:  Plinko Game &Tattoos
Items for Sale:  Bow & Arrows for kids, Leis, & Bracelets
ACS Program:  Liver Cancer
• Family Ties
“Lasso A Cure”
Food:  Brisket Sandwiches, Baked Beans, & Slaw Meal
Activity:  Horse Shoes
Items for Sale:  Marshmallow Guns & Kids Flip Flops
ACS Program:  ACS Volunteer Career Path
• First Baptist Church
“Survivor:  Cancer Island”
Food:  Pizza, Fried Pies, and Snow cones
Activities: Immunity Challenges
ACS Program: Camp Horizon
• First State Bank
“Anchoring Away to Cure Cancer”
Food: BBQ Bologna, Chips, & Drink, Under the Sea Dessert
Activity: Fishing Pond
Items for Sale:  Hand Fans
ACS Program:  Man-to-Man
• Jimmy’s Pals
“Shakin Up An Answer for Cancer”
Food:  Corndogs, Fiddlesticks, Funnel Cakes, & Lemonade
Activity:  Dance Dance Revolution & Face Painting
ACS Program:  Hope Lodge
• New Involvement Club
“Aiming In for a Cure”
Food: BBQ Tenderloin, Baked Beans, Slaw, Hot Dogs/Chips & Soda/Water
Activity:  Slide
ACS Program:  Look Good Feel Better
• Greenfield School Teachers
Food: Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Chips & Drinks
Activity:  Obstacle Course
ACS Program:  Reach to Recovery
Weakley West Relay for Life including the cities of Martin and Sharon is next on the schedule and it will take place June 10-11 at the UT Martin football stadium parking lot and Weakley East Relay for Life including the cities of Dresden and Gleason and the communities of Palmersville and Latham is scheduled for June 17-18 at the West Tennessee Motorsports Park. More details will be included in upcoming editions of The Press.
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