(Drill)ed local gridders get taste of college at OC

(Drill)ed local gridders get taste of college at OC
(Drill)ed local gridders get taste of college at OC

Campers went through numerous drills at the fourth annual Obion Central 4th Quarter Camp
Over 100 football players of numerous ages got a taste of the college football life on Tuesday.
The youngsters — all taking part in the Obion Central 4th Quarter Camp — were put through drills by numerous collegiate coaches at Day 1 of the two-day event under the direction of Upper Iowa University offensive coordinator Brian Frana.
“The one thing I hope the kids take from this is the experience of being in a camp that’s like college,” Rebel skipper Shawn Jackson said. “They’re out there in front of a lot of different sets of eyes and college recruiters.
“Whether or not they go to college and play football really isn’t the issue. The kids need to see people like these coaches that had dreams of making it. That way they can start shooting for whatever their dream in college may be at a young age. Secondary education is so important today that I hope that’s the main thing a lot of these kids learn about.”
The camp — in its fourth year of existence — is employing 10 or so college coaches from multiple levels, according to Jackson. The OC skipper is hosting the camp, while Frana oversees the instruction.
Jackson said the opportunity to have other coaches on hand and in charge of the drills is a plus.
“It lets the kids learn from someone other than the coaches they see every day,” he said. “And hopefully, when we start to teach them, they can realize what we’re doing is what these college coaches did.”
Frana and Jackson go way back, having served on the sideline together at Lindwood University.
For Frana’s part, he is hoping that the boys and young men participating — in grades 6-12 — show progress, but also keep a smile on their faces.
“I’ve got three real goals at these camps,” said Frana, who said he does about a half-dozen camps like the one at OC that runs through today. “No. 1, I hope they can take their testing times in the drills we run right now and improve on them by the end of the summer. No. 2, I want them to learn a new skill, and lastly, I just want them to have fun.
“That’s what football is all about at the end.”
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