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The struggles to lose weight, eat right are never-ending

The struggles to lose weight, eat right are never-ending

Posted: Friday, May 27, 2011 8:01 pm

The struggles to lose weight, eat right are never-ending | Donna Ryder, Just A Thought

I’m on a diet. A “see-food” diet. Potato chips, cookies, cake and coconut milk ice cream. All are on my “see-food” diet.
I’ve been working hard to take and keep the weight off, but lately (well, maybe always), I just can’t seem to stop eating all the wrong foods. At least I’ve stopped eating the microwave chimichangas that my trainer teases me about. Unfortunately, I’ve replaced them with grilled bologna sandwiches and an endless supply of pretzels.
I’ve been working out at the gym since August and have lost enough from my waist that I’ve dropped four pants sizes. I’m now in a size 12. I’d like to be in a size 10 before the end of the summer. If I keep eating like I have been, I’m afraid the number will go in the opposite direction.
I do try chewing gum at work instead of eating. I go through at least a pack a day, but I’m still eating plenty.
According to estimates from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, I’m not alone. Officials there say about two-thirds of Americans are on a diet to lose weight. And, like mine, many of those diets do not provide a balanced amount of nutrients.
Chicago Healers practitioner Valerie Early, RD has provided these easy-to-follow tips for maintaining weight goals.
• Pay attention to serving size on nutrition labels — The nutritional information is listed per serving size, which is often smaller than you may think. Be aware of how large one serving is to understand how many calories you are consuming.
• Look up nutrition facts before going out to eat — Restaurant serving sizes are typically much larger than what you need to feel satisfied and can be loaded with unhealthy fats. Research nutritional information online to make an informed decision. Choose an appetizer as a meal, share an entrée with a friend or bring home half to eat the next day.
• Avoid skipping meals — Consuming an inadequate amount of calories can stress the body and lead to unhealthy eating binges later on. Try eating four or six small meals throughout the day to keep up your metabolism and avoid over-eating.
• Understand general exchange facts in basic food groups:
— 1/2 cup of pasta, rice or cereal; one slice of bread; 1/2 regular bagel; or a 1/4 cup quinoa all equal approximately 80 calories and 15 grams of carbohydrates.
— 1/2 cup of fruit, one small piece of fruit, 1/2 banana or 1 cup of berries all equal approximately 60 calories and 15 grams of carbohydrates.
— One ounce lean meat, one whole egg or two egg whites all equal approximately 35-75 calories.
— 1 teaspoon of butter or oil equals approximately 45 calories and 5 grams of fat.
Another tip from Chicago Healers — eat buffalo meat.
Buffalo meat is lean and has what diet-conscious women want, according to practitioner Dr. Melody Hart, ND. Lower iron levels in the blood can cause severe fatigue. Bison, or buffalo, meat is lean and has lots of iron and less fat than most cuts of beef. Buffalo meat can help boost energy and lower weight.
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Published in The Messenger 5.27.11