Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Posted: Friday, May 27, 2011 8:01 pm

To the Editor:
In Proverbs 30:6, it says “Add not to His (God’s) word lest He (God) reprove thee and you be found a liar.” Man can never get to heaven without obeying God. Some man said the other day the end of time would be the last of time. Only God knows when time will end. Read Matthew 7:1-29. The Bible also says (God) “No one but God knows when the end of time even death for all mankind.” We must give an account to God at the end of time. Just be ready. When man tries to get ahead of God, that puts man farther behind God for God will also stay in front. Amen.
R.C. Nunley

To the Editor:
Memorial Day is fast approaching and that day is set aside as a holiday on which we remember and honor those who have died. Those in graves have no way of knowing that they are remembered, but there are those still living who should be shown in some way that they are remembered.
There are 31 veterans who are now living in nursing homes in Weakley County, and we should let them know that we remember them and thank them for the services they performed while serving in the military. Each one deserves a vote of thanks for their years of service to our country.
The following gives the names of those in the various nursing homes: Weakley County Rehab and Nursing Center: Ronald Brundige, Bob Bynum, Carl Danner, Gordon Hedges, Floyd Jones, Finis Ross, Joseph Alley and Larry Melton; Martin Health Care: Harold Conner, James Harrell, Coy Houston, Charles Maberry, Daphne Mathis, R.C. Nunley, Orrin Snider, Alton Tuck, James Teal and Charles Browder; Van Ayer Healthcare: Thomas Parker, Billy Cate, Nolan Jones, Edward Upchurch, George Hatley, Dwayne Gaskin, Billy Turbeville and Cornelius Gumpher and Hillview: Ray Ainley, Phillip Grantham, Terry Henderson and Woodrow Covington.
It is hoped that all of them are doing well and wishes for many more years are extended to them. All of them deserve many thanks for the years they gave while serving our country.
Also, all of the others who have spend years serving in the military deserve our thanks as well as those who are presently serving in the many different areas of the world.
A special vote of thanks goes to those who are serving in the Middle East in the present war.
Hyla Richardson

wcp 5/26/11


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