Deed transfers

Deed transfers

Posted: Friday, May 27, 2011 12:02 am

Judith Gaylord a Trustee, Irenen Gaylord Frances, Testamentary TR, Frances Irene Gaylord, Testamentary TR, and Dennis Keith Gaylord to Thomas B. Jones and Michelle D. Jones
Jamie Roney and Ty Finney to Nicholas Morrison and Christine Morrison
Mancel C. Fincher and Brenda Fincher to Chris Foster Dunlap
George Buchanan Hensley, Debra Hensley, Elvin D. Hensley, and Mary Frances Hensley to C&J Enterprises, C & J Enterprises, Jerry D. Crosser, and William K. Jackson
Barry T. Buckley to Debra Edwards
Mary Jane Mathis to Dan R. Dawson and Barbara Dawson
Owen Hochstetler to Levi Yoder
Ronnie Boswell to Joseph Mann and Lisa J. Mann
Lisa Burcham Beachum to Jackey Lamb and Teresa Lynn Lamb
Estelle Adams to Teal and Green, Becky Teal, and William Green

wcp 5/26/11


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