Schools given final go ahead for energy funds

Schools given final go ahead for energy funds
The Weakley County Commission in a meeting last night gave the go ahead to the school board to proceed with its plans to get zero percent financing for new air conditioning units for Martin Middle School and Dresden High School, exempted more veterans and military from paying motor vehicle tax in Weakley County and decided to opt out of statewide building code standards for one and two family houses for another year.
All 18 commissioners also approved budget amendments for the school system, the solid waste fund, the highway fund and the County’s General Fund.
Sitting on the Public Records Commission will be County Clerk, Pat Scarbrough, County Commisisoner David Hawks, County Historian Pansy Baker, Genealogist David Oliver, Judge Tommy Moore and Register of Deeds Donna Winstead-Snyder.
David Hawks asked that  more volunteers be added to the group to help “catalogue and clean records” and the commission approved.
These members will be Mike Ray, Bill Alston, Mike Thompson and Richard Saunders. Pointing to Benton and Henry County archives as an example, Hawks said that much of the archives there were run by volunteers with the help of a grant for computers.
John Bucy of Martin, Wendell Alexander of Dresden and Nick Dunagan of Martin will serve as members to the Economic Development Board of Weakley County until June 2014.
The school board is eligible for up to two million dollars of a state energy efficient loan at zero financing and the last hurdle for the financing was approval by the commissioners which it gave last night.
The next step, said Randy Frazier, Director of Weakley County Schools after the meeting,will be to ask for bids but he says he hopes that Martin Middle and Dresden high School will enjoy new air conditioning before October of this year.
Weakley County already exempts members of the armed forces on active duty from its motor vehicle privilege tax but last night voted to also include residents who are  qualified to receive the Gold Star Family or Purple Heart license plates.
In other business, the Commission approved a right of way for a fiber optic company in the fareastern corner of Weakley County.
The West KY Rural Telephone Cooperative got approval to bury its fiber optic cable down a twenty mile stretch to serve its small customer base in the county.
The commission intends to apply for a litter and trash-collecting grant from the Tennessee Department of Transportation.
The commission also passed a resolution to define municipal and rural emergency service zones of the fire departments providing service within Weakley County. The resolution provides guidelines for which agencies can respond to fire, EMS and rescue situations.
The commissioners voted to declare Oct. 15 as a Ned Ray McWherter day at the courthouse for which the flag will be flown at half mast in honor of the late governor of Tennessee.
The next regular meeting of the Weakley County Legislative Body will be on June 30 at 5:30 p.m.
wcp 5/24/11

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