Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, May 20, 2011 8:01 pm

To the Editor:
Now and then people bring things to me that I want to share with others. A friend brought something to me recently and I found it quite interesting. Everyone most likely remembers learning the alphabet and the method used. What I’m sharing with you is entitled “The American Alphabet” and it comes from the John S. Swift Company, Inc.
The American Alphabet
Always give the other fellow a square deal.
Be reliable, sincere, adaptable, courteous.
Co-operative with those who have high ideals.
Dare to be self-reliant and self respecting.
Enlist against poverty, disease, and crime.
Find out how you can assist your community.
Give freely to aid schools, arts, sciences.
Help those who are less fortunate than you.
Inspire others by loyal, unselfish service.
Judge all races and creeds without malice.
Keep this land as Freedom’s sanctuary.
Live wholesomely, nobly, enthusiastically.
Measure up to all obligations and promises.
Never take mean advantage of any situation.
Obey the laws – follow customs of decency.
Place the Creator before any other loyalty.
Quickly resist un-American ideas and acts.
Revere the flag our forefathers fought for.
See America, the land you love best, first.
Try to better your life by honorable plans.
Uphold freedom, justice, equality for all.
Voice your faith in America’s great future.
Work for today and for coming generations.
X-ray often those elected to public office.
Yield only to righteousness and good sense.
Zealously protect the weak from the strong.
Wouldn’t things be wonderful if each of us would follow the 26 suggestions?
Hyla Richardson

wcp 5/19/11


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