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Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Wednesday, May 18, 2011 8:01 pm

To the Editor:
The recent event of heavy rainfall that caused widespread flooding is an example of nature’s work, about which man can do little except accept its damaging effects, and then try to repair the damage that is done. Over the years nature has wielded its force in various ways, and man has no power that can stop the damage it does. Nature has a many-sided character that man will never control – sometimes wonderful and sometimes devastating. I’ve seen the results of its caprice caused by tornadoes – many deaths, but destruction of buildings, and the acres of forests that were uprooted, twisted and scattered on the earth.
The following poem somewhat describes nature’s work:

Nature’s Work
Rattle! Goes the wind. Boom goes the thunder.
They shake me awake.
Flash! Comes the lightning.
Flash! Boom! Flash!
Nature’s at work.
Man is infinitesimal against nature’s strength.
His efforts, like straw, crumple at her whim,
Relentless, persistent, impatient and strong –
Nature holds sway, man feels sorrow
At nature’s caprice, and on his knees
Gathers his strength.
When nature allows, man builds again.
After accepting the fact that he cannot control nature and viewing the results, man does what he can to repair and build.
Hyla Richardson

wcp 5/17/11