Deed transfers

Deed transfers

Posted: Friday, May 13, 2011 12:02 am

Michael R. McWherter Executor and Ned R. McWherter
Estate to Tracy Farms Latham LLC
Bill Hayes to Ivy Investment Company LLC
Ivy Investment Company LLC to Bill Hayes
Gene A. Austin and Carolyn J. Austin to Jason Taylor
Greg Garner and Chloe Garner to Kenneth R. Reynolds
Winnie Futrell Kirkland to Warner R. Pace, III
Nicole Marie Hicks and Timothy Hicks to Magan Nicole
Rickman and Christopher Jordan Rickman
Kenneth R. Miller to Mark Willis and Penny Willis
Marvin Alexander to Michael D. Rea and Diane Rea
Bobby J. Bequette to Warren R. Tyler
James R. Freeman and Lois Freeman to Christopher G.
Mingle, Stephanie B. Mingle, Danny K. Burkett and Dorothy
Frank Vincent and Sandra Vincent to Timothy Lynn Ellison
Jeanine L. Grinder to Aaron J. Vaughn and Ashley Paige
Robert Daugherty and Bonnie Daugherty to James Milner
and Brenda Milner
James Yarbro and Melani Yarbro to James Addison Yarbro
Christopher Neil Taylor to Dana Renee Taylor
Sam Pilla to Frank Supeck and Patricia Supeck

wcp 5/12/11


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