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Martin Health Care News

Martin Health Care News

Posted: Wednesday, May 11, 2011 8:01 pm
By: Jessica Teal, Special to The Press

April’s cover card winners were Martha Bell, Elizabeth Flowers, Bonnie Jacobs, Vivian Hubbard, Alberta Laws, Mary Terry, Dorothy Gun, Sylvia Young, Sandra Winston, Eunice Young, Wayne Reynolds, Doris Maassen, Margaret Plunk and Norma Wilson. Yahtzee winners were Sandra Winston, Arthur Davis and Margaret Plunk.
We celebrated several special events this month for Slinky’s birthday. It was invented in 1945.
We passed out different color Slinkys to the staff and residents. Everyone enjoyed reminiscing about when they were a child and how they played with them. Also, we celebrated Twinkies birthday. We had a Twinkie party and discussed the first time they ever ate a Twinkie. They were invented in the 1930s.
Our monthly auction was a blast. Charles Maberry and James Harrell were the life of the party bidding on every item. April birthdays were Charles Maberry, Jimmy Johnson, Mabel Damron, Sandra Winston, Norma Clayton and Glyndon Shaw. We had a birthday at the end of the month with cake and ice cream.
For arts and crafts this month, we made an egg wreath, wind chimes and we put candy in eggs for our annual Easter Egg Hunt for the children. Our hunt was very successful. We had a facility full of children to hunt eggs. There were three age groups and in each age group there were three prize eggs. The residents had fun going outside watching all the kids find those eggs they helped fix.
Out of Tuners this month met and sang a variety of songs. Sandra Winston was on the piano, Dorothy Gunn and Doris Maassen on tambourines, Bonnie Jacobs and Elizabeth Flowers on bells, Margaret Plunk on the sticks, Donald Gant on cymbals and Delores Perry on the triangles. We had fun making noise.
The Martingales had a full house this month when they came and sang for us. Not only did residents come but several of their family members came also. They sang some favorites but also some Easter songs. Everyone enjoyed them and are looking forward to next month when they come back.
To end the month, we had our Easter brunch on Sunday. The dining room was full with residents and their families. We served sausage balls, doughnuts, muffins, different kinds of fruits, sausage casserole, an O cake and different kinds of pastries.
We had a great time celebrating Easter together and remembering what a special holiday is it.

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