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Wildlife affected by flooding

Wildlife affected by flooding

Posted: Friday, May 6, 2011 3:01 pm

Wildlife affected by flooding | Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, flooding

As flooding continues to be an issue primarily in the west and middle areas of the state, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officials are advising residents they might encounter wildlife in unusual places.
“As the waters continue to rise, animals are fleeing their normal habitat areas and our residents should not be surprised to see them seeking temporary refuge,” said Chad Harden, TWRA Region I Big Game Coordinator. “Animals that appear to be in need of rescue should be left alone. They are under stress, but their natural survival instincts will help them cope with the situation until things get back to normal. The animals could pose a real danger to someone who might try to rescue them.”
Deer will be the most noticeable animal that will be evacuating their normal habitat areas. Officials said the animals will return to their normal habitat ranges once the flood waters recede.

Published in The Messenger 5.6.11