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Hillview Community Living Center News

Hillview Community Living Center News

Posted: Thursday, May 5, 2011 8:52 am
By: Kim Mitchell, Special to The Press

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Holiday.  Our residents had a great week leading up to Easter and enjoyed a wonderful Easter Sunday.  
We had many activities last week centered around the holiday.  Some of our residents got to enjoy going out for the holiday.  Some were fortunate enough to attend their own church services.  
We played a couple of games at the beginning of the week.  The first was horseshoes. Residents like playing this game for it always brings back memories for them.  It was a very close game and the men were racking up the points. James McLeod took the top spot, Terry Henderson took second and Anthony Edmonston took third.  
We also played Darts last week.   Magnetic darts that is.  Anthony Edmonston redeemed himself in this game as he took the top honors in coming in first place. Mable Williams came in second place and Donald Roberts came in third place.  Good job to all.
Every morning after our activity, everyone enjoys a cup of coffee or Kool Aid.  Everyone enjoys this time. It’s a time when we can all socialize and have a good time.  It’s also a time to relax before dinner is served.  Most of the time we watch an episode of “In The Heat of the Night.”  This is a very popular time of the day.
As always, the ladies came down to the dining room for our Manicure Hour.  We love making our ladies look beautiful.  We do all we can to make our ladies look and feel good and this is just another step in that process.  The ladies love to chat and catch up on the local happenings around here. The ladies picked from many shades of pink and reds.  
Wednesday was a fun afternoon as we had a cooking class.  The residents got to make their own dirt cake cups.  They started off with crushing up some Oreos and putting them in the bottom of the cup.  Then they put a layer of pudding and Cool Whip on top.  Some even put little Gummy Worms in their cups.  The residents loved making these desserts and loved eating them even more.  We ran out of the ingredients so we asked the kitchen for small cups of ice cream to go with the Oreo cookies we had left.  It was a big hit with the residents.
All of our Easter activities were a blast.  We started off with an Easter coloring contest.  The residents got to choose from a variety of coloring sheets for the contest.  Our first place winner was Mary Diviney, second place was Michael Louie, and third was Mable Williams.  
On Thursday we did a craft.  The residents decorated Easter eggs.  Each one received a colorful foam egg and then decorated it with Easter themed foam stickers.  All were beautiful.
Also on Thursday we played a special Easter Bingo. We played our regular bingo and then we played a special Cover Card.  Everyone received a prize for the one line bingo:  puzzle books, lotion, snack cakes, or a cold Dr. Pepper. Our Cover Card winners received a chocolate cross or a spring sugar cookie on a stick.  All enjoyed the prizes. Our last game was Egg toss. Residents tried tossing plastic Easter Eggs into buckets on the floor.  They enjoyed the delightful game and refreshments afterwards.  Our very last Easter event was of course our big Party.  
The dining room was decorated with brightly colored table clothes.  Easter decorations hung down from the ceiling and each table had a centerpiece of a small basket with bright colored balloons tied to them.  
We served an Easter decorated cake along with cheese and crackers with potato chips too. Each resident received a carrot shaped goodie bag filled with candy.  All loved and enjoyed the festivities.
As always, Hillview appreciates all the volunteers that come through this build each week. We had two new helpers with the Easter Party. Thank you to Dee Ann Mitchell and Kevin Couch for helping make up the plates to be served.  We thank our churches for taking the time to come out to bring our residents an Easter service.  Thank You.   

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