Helps Farmers Select the Right Tractor Fluids to Improve Performance and Protect Expensive Farm Equipment Helps Farmers Select the Right Tractor Fluids to Improve Performance and Protect Expensive Farm Equipment

Posted: Wednesday, May 4, 2011 8:01 pm

CLEVELAND, May 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ —, a website powered by Penton Media’s agricultural brands, is offering a video and a checklist that addresses the differences between high-quality tractor hydraulic fluids and budget-priced fluids. With the increase of low-quality tractor fluids appearing on retail shelves, it’s getting harder for purchasers to pick the proper lubricants to improve performance and protect expensive farm equipment.

The video, Avoiding Tractor Downtime and Repair Bills, includes a checklist of features that should appear on the label of fluids to ensure quality, and it alerts farmers to the dangers of using sub-standard tractor hydraulic fluids. What seems like a bargain, saving money on sub-par fluids, often backfires with damaged equipment, disrupted work schedules and needless repair bills.

There are multiple reasons for tractor equipment failures with the most significant being moving parts that aren’t lubricated properly. Inadequate lubrication resulting from low-quality tractor fluids allows:

Oxidation – Causes the formation of deposits and thickening of fluids that fail to keep parts clean, reducing performance, and shortening their useful life.
Excessive Wear – Protection is reduced, which damages gears, bearings and the soft, yellow metals in hydraulic pumps.
Corrosion – Bargain fluids fail to prevent water contamination, leading to scratches and erosion resulting in sluggish performance and piston pump failure.
Brake Chatter – Lack of friction protection causes a screeching noise in wet brakes and reduces brake performance.
Cold Temperature Failure – Sub-par fluids aren’t formulated for temperatures below freezing, failing to properly lubricate moving parts for the transmission, steering, braking and hydraulic pump.

As the video illustrates, high-quality tractor hydraulic fluids provide oxidation resistance, anti-wear protection, water tolerance, and performance in temperature extremes. High-performance fluids protect gears, clutches and pumps, minimizing downtime and extending tractor life, helping farmers maximize their productivity and profit. content is developed by Penton agricultural publications — Farm Industry News, Farm Press, Beef, National Hog Farmer, Hay & Forage Grower, and Corn & Soybean Digest. Farmers can view the video today by visiting

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