Our readers write

Our readers write

Posted: Wednesday, May 4, 2011 8:01 pm

High gas prices
hurt economy

To the Editor:
I think gas prices need to go down because not many gas stations are getting business and I think gas stations are going to go bankrupt.
These gas prices are going to effect a lot of people. Without gas, people will not be able to go anywhere.
Now that gas prices are going up, people are going to travel less.
John Brimm
South Fulton

Haslam hitting
taxpayers again
To the Editor:
Looks to me like another politician is sticking it to us taxpayers again.
I’m writing about the new big chief of Tennessee — Gov. Bill Haslam.
What better way to get support for all your programs than bring in people from the private sector that were making a fine wage as it was?
Then, the chief gives these people huge raises. Does this help the great State of Tennessee? You decide.
Jim Shumaker
Union City

Traffic cameras 
about money
To the Editor:
I am sure everyone has heard the phrase “highway robbery.”
When I received a citation for speeding recently from the City of Union City, that is exactly what came to my mind.
My wife and I went to church in Union City, after church we had lunch at a restaurant on West Reelfoot Avenue. After lunch we traveled east on Reelfoot Avenue toward home.
Later, I received a notice in the mail from the city of Union City for a speeding violation (46 in 35). This was the area between McDonald’s and Lowe’s. I had no idea that this was a 35 mph zone, as it is 45 mph on the opposite side of the road, where there is now a flashing light signifying the 35 zone (which shows that it was not clear at the time of my violation).
I have been living, working and paying taxes in Union City and Obion County since 1960 and have never had a traffic citation. I am a law-abiding citizen and try my best to obey all traffic laws. I feel that automated traffic enforcement program is nothing more than a way for the city to make money and anyone saying it isn’t is being far less than truthful.
They say that is to make our roads safer. How can this be when the violator doesn’t even know they have done anything wrong until they receive the citation in their mailbox two weeks later? Think about it. Does taking a picture of a drunk driver or speeder make them any safer? I think any reasonable person would say it does not. I believe the best way to make our streets safer is to have the policeman out patroling. Is that not part of what they get paid to do?
Sure, the local people will figure out where these “speed traps” are, but what about the out of town people. Does a camera taking their picture make them safer? No. It is all about money. It’s highway robbery.
While living, working and raising a family here since 1960, I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars. I think this “speed trap” thing is wrong and I am disappointed and disgusted with the city leaders for doing this. There are a lot of honest, law-abiding citizen on fixed incomes, with no or low paying jobs, etc. that just can’t afford these $50 fines.
From now on, we will avoid the Union city speed traps by doing our shopping for vehicles, groceries, eating out, etc., in cities that do not condone highway robbery.
I know one person may not make much difference, but if enough people get fed up. We can.
Will Glisson
Union City

Don’t raise
US debt ceiling
To the Editor:
Can America’s bankruptcy be avoided?
From a practical standpoint, yes it can.
Should our new congress have the courage to refuse to raise the debt ceiling the result would require an immediate balanced budget. The interest on our existing debt will consume near 15 percent of our revenue and the remainder would be available to operate government.
As painful as this would be to many Americans who are either employed or subsidized by government it will be increasingly more difficult if the debt continues to grow.
Treasury Secretary Geithner says we must raise the debt ceiling or risk default on our debt. This is the exact equivalent of continuously going to your banker for larger and larger loans so that you can pay the interest on previous loans. You would find a very disagreeable banker.
The only alternative to balancing the budget is to continuously increase debt. With the world (our banker) now shying away from more (now downgraded) U.S. debt the lender of last resort has kicked in.
The Fed is now buying the majority of our debt by creating the money from nothing. Inflation is the result and is already becoming obvious. Inflation will result in higher interest rates. More debt and higher interest rates would require even more money creation, at an ever increasing rate.
This cycle would result in hyperinflation and soon a worthless dollar. If you think an immediate balanced budget would be painful, consider the implications of a worthless dollar and the worldwide human suffering that would result.
If deficit spending and printing the money to cover it worked, Zimbabwe would be the richest nation on Earth. We should salute the courage and statesmanship of our politicians who vote against raising the debt ceiling and send the self-serving and irresponsible home next election.    
David Nance

Published in The Messenger 5.4.11

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