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Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, April 29, 2011 8:01 pm

To the Editor:
Our backyard is animal-friendly and on late Sunday afternoons we see different wild animals come out and entertain us. Last Sunday afternoon some leftover cornbread was taken outside to provide a treat for the birds. However, the birds didn’t get the bread. While we watched, a gray fox appeared and approached the bread, and picked up a piece of it and began to look for a place to hide it. He used a front paw to try to scratch a hole I the grassy area and when he couldn’t do that he went over to the edge of the mowed area and put it there. They he was no longer in an area where we could see him and I don’t know if he ever ate the bread.
While we were watching the fox, three deer walked out of the woods and began to graze in the open area. We see deer quite often in that area, as well in other areas. One afternoon as we neared the house we saw two half-grown deer that had stopped after hearing the car, and stood still with their heads turned toward us with their pointed ears standing straight up and their brown eyes wide open. They stood very still as long as we stayed in the car, but when we got out of the car they turned and ran away with their tails standing up revealing the white undersides.
A dead tree near the edge of the yard fell over quite some time ago and some of its branches hold the main trunk parallel to the ground, and different kinds of birds use it as a perch where they sit and view the surrounding area. Once I watched three buzzards as they sat with their heads up looking around until they flew away.
We’ve seen groundhogs, opossums, raccoons, rabbits, wild turkeys, and squirrels as they wander around in the area. A few years ago I saw a skunk as it walked along with its tail waving, and it would be welcome there as long as it feels no danger that would cause it to share its “perfume” with us. I’m glad that we can share the farm with the wildlife that live there to wander around in a peaceful atmosphere.
Sometimes man could learn much from nature that might make for more peaceful living. If that should happen, our young people would not be scattered all over the world involved in the discord that is quite widespread.
Hyla Richardson

wcp 4/28/11

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