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Westview baskets empty

Westview baskets empty

Posted: Wednesday, April 27, 2011 12:03 am

Westview baskets empty | Westview High School tennis

Westview’s Chanita Brown goes high to make a return.

The Westview tennis teams both had an empty basket after Thursday’s play against Union City.
With Easter looming, both of the Charger squads fell 7-0 to UC.
Top Lady Twister Anna Moore bested Westview’s Melissa Darroch 8-1.
Meanwhile’s, Union City’s Tara Elam, Jenna Miler and Gracie Frankum defeated their respective opposition of Cara Burnham, Chantia Brown and Sydney Gilliam by a like 8-2 margin.
No. 5 Lady Twister Laura Reed Smith accounted for the afternoon’s lone shutout — an 8-0 blanking of Laura Ferrer.
In girls’ doubles play, Moore and Elam bested Darroch and Burnham 8-3, while Frankum and Smith came away with an 8-5 triumph over Brown and Ashley Gross.
On the boys’ side, Julio Fuentes won a hard-fought match (9-7) against Charger top seed Tanner Spencer.
Second-seeded Union City boy Jacob Triplett defeated Westview’s Ethan Plunk 8-6.
Russ Smith, Alex Pegram and Alex O’Neill were all winners by way of forfeit as the Charger team only has two boys’ players.
In guys’ tandem play, Triplett and Smith doubled Spencer and Plunk 8-4. Fuentes and O’Neill won via forfeit.
Greenfield’s Wednesday match last week against Huntingdon was postponed.
Union City at Westview
Girls’ Singles
Anna Moore (UC) defeated Melissa Darroch (W) 8-1.
Tara Elam (UC) defeated Cara Burnham (W) 8-2.
Jenna Miller (UC) defeated Chantia Brown (W) 8-2.
Gracie Frankum (UC) defeated Sydney Gilliam (W) 8-2.
Laura Reed Smith (UC) defeated Laura Ferrer (W) 8-0.
Girls’ Doubles
A. Moore/T. Elam (UC) defeated M. Darroch/C. Burnham (W) 8-3.
G. Frankum/L. Smith (UC) defeated C. Brown/A. Gross (W) 8-5.
Boys’ Singles
Julio Fuentes (UC) defeated Tanner Spencer (W) 9-7.
Jacob Triplett (UC) defeated Ethan Plunk (W) 8-6.
Russ Smith (UC) won via forfeit.
Alex Pegram (UC) won via forfeit.
Alex O’Neill (UC) won via forfeit.
Boys’ Doubles
J. Triplett/R. Smith (UC) defeated T. Spencer/E. Plunk (W) 8-4.
J. Fuentes/A. O’Neill won via forfeit.

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