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UC sneaks into playoff for 14A North championship

UC sneaks into playoff for 14A North championship
Union City snuck one in on Tuesday and got away with a pair of victories.
With every other spring sports team in Obion County off due to wet field conditions or the threat of rain, the Twisters bested the Dyersburg boys 5-2 to claim a triumph and create a tie atop the District 14A-AA North Division standing.
UC is scheduled to play (weather permitting) Trenton this afternoon at UT Martin in a boys’ only match to determine the North championship.
On the girls’ side, Union City also prevailed as it edged D’burg 4-3.
A sweep in boys’ doubles action coupled with great play at the bottom of the depth chart helped the Twisters to victory.
No. 4 Union City boy Alex Pegram edged Jack McGrail 8-6, while Alex O’Neill bested Jessie Cochran 9-7. Twister second seed Jacob Triplett doubled Franz Echavez 8-4.
Other singles play was close as top Tornado Julio Fuentes and No. 3 seed Russ Smith fell to the respective opposition of Rick Van Sant and Josh Williams by like 9-8 finals with a 7-5 score in each tiebreaker.
Doubles play had Triplett and Smith as 8-2 winners over Jordan and Echavez, while Fuentes and O’Neill teamed to beat McGrail and Bentonio 8-5.
In girls’ action, top Union City girl Anna Moore defeated Elizabeth Finley 8-2. Lady Twister second seed Tara Elam beat Aura Mae Northcutt 8-6, while No. 3 local girl Jenna Miller routed Faithe Davis 8-1.
At the bottom of the depth chart, Gracie Frankum lost to Dyersburg’s four seed Corena Hasselle 8-5, while Laura Reed Smith fell to No. 5 Lady Trojan 8-1.
Girls’ tandem play had Moore and Elam as 8-5 victors over Northcutt and Davis. Frankum and Smith lost (8-4) to Vaughn and Evans.
Members of both Twister tennis teams take part in the District 14A-AA Individuals Tournament on Saturday at UT Martin. .
Union City at Dyersburg
Girls’ Singles
Anna Moore (UC) defeated Elizabeth Finley (D) 8-2.
Tara Elam (UC) defeated Aura Mae Northcutt (D) 8-2.
Jenna Miller (UC) defeated Faithe Davis (D) 8-1.
Corena Hasselle (D) defeated Gracie Frankum (UC) 8-5.
Madison Evans (D) defeated Laura Reed Smith (UC) 8-1.
Girls’ Doubles
A. Moore/T. Elam (UC) defeated A. Northcutt/F. Davis (D) 8-5.
Vaughn/Madison Evans (D) defeated G. Frankum/L. Smith (UC) 8-4.
Boys’ Singles
Rick Van Sant (D) defeated Julio Fuentes (UC) 9-8 (7-5).
Jacob Triplett (UC) defeated Franz Echavez (D) 8-4.
Josh Williams (D) defeated Russ Smith (UC) 9-8 (7-5).
Alex Pegram (UC) defeated Jack McGrail (D) 8-6.
Alex O’Neill (UC) defeated Jessie Cochran (D) 9-7.
Boys’ Doubles
J. Triplett/R. Smith (UC) defeated Jordan/F. Echavez (D) 8-2.
J. Fuentes/A. O’Neill (UC) defeated J. McGrail/Betonio (D) 8-5.

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