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Rains continue to pound northwest Tennessee

Rains continue to pound northwest Tennessee
Rains continue to pound northwest Tennessee | Weakley County storms

Ernie Sawyers of Sawyers Tree Service cuts maple limbs in Greenfield.

The northwest Tennessee region suffered historic flooding most recently in 1993 and 1997.
Add 2011 to that.
The pounding rains and torrential winds that swept through the area beginning in the middle of last week seem poised to hang around and create flooding in the coming days on top of the current tree and power line damage.
“This has become a historical event,” Weakley County Emergency Management Director Jamison Peevyhouse admitted. “We had major flooding in 1993 and 1997 and this is definitely akin to 1997. This is comparable to the flooding that occurred in May of last year in Nashville. We have so much low-lying cropland that will be lost. It already costs the farmers so much to get the crops in the ground and now, there will be so many long-term effects of this flooding.”
Another major storm system made its way through the county yesterday carrying tornado-warning sirens in its wake and yet another is expected to make its way through the area today.
“We’re expecting heavy winds and torrential rains of up to eight to nine inches,” Peevyhouse advised. “This rain is historic. We encourage everyone to turn around if you see rain across the road. Beware of washouts. Call us if you need any help.”
Not only is the ground saturated, but all local rivers are at the point of overflowing.
“The flood gates are up in Paducah. Both the Ohio and Mississippi rivers are swollen to capacity,” Peevyhouse reported.
And the rain continues.

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