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New bull importation requirements due to Trichomoniasis in Tennessee

New bull importation requirements due to Trichomoniasis in Tennessee

Posted: Tuesday, April 26, 2011 8:01 pm

NASHVILLE — Due to the rising concern of Trichomoniasis, the Tennessee State Veterinarian’s Office has developed testing requirements to prevent the spread of the disease.
“There is strong evidence that Trichomoniasis is an increasing threat to Tennessee cattle, and this is a preventative measure to keep infected bulls out of the state,” said Dr. Charles Hatcher, state veterinarian. “We want to protect our cattle operations from outbreaks of this potentially harmful disease.”
Trichomoniasis, often called ‘Trich,’ is a venereal disease of cattle. Trichomoniasis can cause infertility and abortions and results in extended breeding seasons and lessens the number of calves produced, which can cost livestock producers valuable income.
All breeding bulls entering Tennessee must now be accompanied with a certificate of veterinary inspection and be thoroughly tested for Trichomoniasis. A strict testing protocol is in effect, and owners should review the requirements before importing bulls into Tennessee. Exceptions can be given for bulls entering the state for exhibitions or rodeos provided that the bulls do not commingle with other cows.
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Published in The Messenger 4.26.11

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