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Restaurant sponsoring “Soles4Souls”

Restaurant sponsoring “Soles4Souls”

Posted: Friday, April 22, 2011 8:01 pm

The people of Soles4Soles are looking residents of Martin and Nashville square in the eyes here. They have two shows in the works that are certainly going to pack a punch.  They need all of you out in full force, cheering on the mustache man as he blows minds and makes no excuses for it. The details are include:
 The First Annual Soles4Souls Barefoot Tropiganza with Andrew Kelley Simons at Olivia’s Opera House Restaraunt, April 23, 5pm  Additional performers will include Jason Webb, Daniel Musgrave, Bootcut, Fight or Flight, Eric Brewer, Cobra Cats, and Scottie Somerville. Admission, free with a pair of shoes, or $5 at the door
Things To Bring:
1. Gently used shoes to donate
2. Cash to donate (in case you want to go the extra mile!)
3. Personal mustache grooming kits
4. All your friends!

wcp 4/21/11

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