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Dog rescued amid tempest

Dog rescued amid tempest
A rescued Husky-mix named Jody was in the backyard of his foster parents, Michael Thompson and Angelina Mackewn,  when a huge pecan tree crashed upon him during Tuesday’s midnight storm that uprooted trees up and down West Main street in Greenfield.
He had to be rescued again.
Thompson said there were two dogs in the backyard when the storm hit. The other dog, a black Labrador named Guiness was untouched but Jody’s dog house went flying across the yard and crashed into the fence. The pecan tree crashed on top of her with the impact possibly blunted by an aluminum bucket that now lies crushed beside the fallen trunk.
The couple had to dig two feet underneath the whimpering dog in the dark to get her out from under the tree.
Because Thompson’s driveway was blocked by fallen trees from the yard next door, he had to borrow a truck from a neighbor to carry the wounded animal to an animal clinic in Jackson where she got her broken leg set. Thompson said that she is still under observation for possible internal injuries.
Jody came from a local shelter with a severe skin condition.
With a careful diet, her coat had come back to its full Husky glory.
The family keeps a number of cats from the local shelter in the back yard as well but they appeared to be unharmed.
Next door a large willow oak snapped over and took an eave off the house of Robert Lowery while he and seven other family members were huddled inside underneath the stairwell. Lowery says they heard the trampoline slam against the back of the house and found it later draped over a power line.
Across the street, Jackie Vaughn heard a large tree come down onto the corner of his house.  “It was a strong loud sound.”
And so it went up and down the street leading to the school with tales of crushed cars in driveways and fallen trees lying everywhere looking like they had been sliced off at the roots. But amazingly no stories of injuries to the people.
The school building itself appeared to be unharmed with only an uprooted tree on the corner of the parking lot tipping over into the neighbor’s yard. The street was clear and school was held.
By mid- afternoon, the chain saws were buzzing all over the neighborhood and neat piles of logs lay on the sidewalks.
But the memories will be strong in Greenfield about this particular windy episode. Lowery says he never used to take storm warnings that seriously before.
“But I had a feeling about this one.”

wcp 4/21/11

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