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Reelfoot Chapter DAR meets

Reelfoot Chapter DAR meets

Posted: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 8:37 am

Reelfoot Chapter DAR meets | Reelfoot Chapter Daughters of American Revolution

PRESENTS PROGRAM — Carolyn Stricklin, (third from left) the Corresponding Secretary of Tennessee Society Daughters of American Revolution, presented the program at the regular meeting of the Reelfoot DAR Chapter.  The topic of her presentation was hero
The Reelfoot Chapter Daughters of American Revolution met recently at the Obion County Museum. Regent Mary Coleman called the meeting to order and led the chapter through the DAR Ritual assisted by Margaret Vaughan, Ann Culp, Ruth Weldon, Linda Lofton, Gail McConnell, and Peggy Drerup.
The Flag Code report was given by Linda Lofton. The report emphasized that the purpose of the code was to be used as a guide to display, honor, and care for the flag, a living symbol of a living nation.
Gloria Howell presented the Indian minutes with a continuation of a history of the Cherokee tribe. On the eve of the American Revolution, the British scrambled to negotiate treaties with the Cherokee by giving the Cherokee land that had already been taken from them by the white colonists. At the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, the Mohawk, Shawnee, and Ottawa tribes tried to get the Cherokee to join them against the colonists, but the majority of the Cherokee decided to remain neutral in the white man’s war.
Ann Thompson read from the National Defender an article reminding all that without the Constitution, we would most likely be separate states, each going its own way trying to exist without coexisting.
Without the Constitution the American people would not be assured of being fairly represented in any decision made and individual rights would not be protected.
The minutes of the last meeting were read by Margaret Vaughan. Old business was addressed and members reminded to register for the upcoming state DAR conference in Franklin, TN in May. New business was addressed, new chapter officers were nominated by the nomination committee, and elected by acclamation. The slate of officers for the next three years are: Mary Coleman, Regent; Ann Thompson, Vice Regent; Hazel Williams, Treasurer; Penny Hepler, Registar; Margaret Vaughan, Recording Secretary; Gloria Howell, Correspondence Secretary; Ruth Weldon, Historian; Linda Lofton, Chaplain; and Josephine Keightley, Librarian. Peggy Drerup was appointed by the Regent as Parliamentarian.
The chapter observed its seventy-ninth anniversary by the reading of a brief history of the chapter, the names of charter members and past regents of the Reelfoot Chapter.
Carolyn Strickland, Tennessee Society DAR’s Corresponding Secretary and former regent of the Reelfoot chapter who is now a member of the River City Chapter in Millington, where she currently resides, presented the program. Strickland began the program by relating how she had been inspired by reading “The Tall Woman and Tennessee Woman: An Infinite Variety” both written by Wilma Dykeman Stokely. After reading Stokely’s books, she felt there were Tennessee women not mentioned who had contributed significantly to our history. From her own research, she gave a brief summation of the lives of twelve other Tennessee women whose lives meaningfully influenced the shaping of our state and nation as it is today.
The meeting was adjourned and refreshments and a period of fellowship were enjoyed by those present. Linda Lofton and Gloria Howell were the Hostesses. The next meeting will be June 14th at 11:00 am at the Obion County Museum. This will be the annual luncheon to observe Flag Day. wcp 4/19/11

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