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Greenbrier residents jump into spring

Greenbrier residents jump into spring

Posted: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 8:01 pm
By: By Jill Hart, Special to The Press

One generation making friends with another
When we think of making friends we often think about our peer groups, those closest to our age, folks that we share common interest with, church members and club members Have you ever thought about going outside the box? Greenbrier Meadows Assisted Living often has experiences with the younger generation through those that volunteer or do community service at our facility. We have a variety of youth that volunteer in our building. Some come with churches, others from school who need service hours and many come from UTM. Our residents ranging in ages up to 98 years enjoy young people coming in and visiting with them.  Recently we have had the privilege of being host to a Martin UTM student who interned with us to complete her college requirements. Her name is Stephanie Krush.  She has been a volunteer at Greenbrier Meadows for the past few years. She volunteered with many activities and was already a familiar face among our residents and staff. In January of this year she chose to do her internship here and has spent 40 hours a week with us.  She is bright, caring, loyal and dedicated. She takes the initiative to serve others. She listens and cares. She developed special wellness activities for our residents, engaged in card games and dominos, set up for special activities and events, helped in every department at Greenbrier, and most of all brought a new attitude to our facility.  Stephanie’s eagerness to help everyone at Greenbrier truly shows her caring nature. You might find her typing a newspaper article, putting pictures on our face book page, painting fingernails or just sitting with a resident talking, but she was always looking for a way to help.   There was nothing fake or phony about what she did at our facility, says Administrator, Pam Bates.  She is real.  She completed her internship in April, but her friendship will continue forever. What an awesome experience to make friends with folks that you thought you had nothing in common with and to gain wisdom from those who have lived life.  We welcome the Youth to be a part of the Greenbrier Family!
On April 12 Greenbrier Meadows hosted a walk for St. Jude Children’s Hospital to give back to a wonderful cause. The residents and their families, staff, and community members all joined in to make this a big success. Pam Bates the administrator at Greenbrier says “This is just one way of saying no matter where we are in our lives; we can still give back something.” The walk took place both indoors and out and raised almost 1,000 dollars! We look forward to doing this again next year and lifting our goal even higher.


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