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Bradley County to commemorate Civil War

Bradley County to commemorate Civil War

Posted: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 8:01 pm

The Convention and Visitors Bureau of the Cleveland/Bradley County Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a series of Civil War events to commemorate the Civil War Sesquicentennial.
The kick-off event will be held at noon Monday at the Courthouse Square. The event will include reenactments and the raising of a 33-star handmade flag on a liberty pole.
Just days after the first shots of the Civil War were fired at Fort Sumter, local Union supporters hoisted an American flag  which displayed 33 stars at the Courthouse Square. About a month later, Confederate soldiers passing through on the train fired at the flag, which was the tallest object in town.
“Recognizing these bookmarks in history is our community’s opportunity to be a part of the sesquicentennial commemoration as events are being planned all across Tennessee and many other affected states,” said Melissa Woody, vice president for the CVB. “Civil War history is a huge draw for heritage tourists as well as residents interested in their community’s place in history.”
Bryan Reed, president of the Bradley County Historical and Genealogical Society and history department chair at Cleveland State Community College, approached Woody with the idea to remember local occurrences during the Civil War.
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