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Adults invited to participate in ‘Great Easter Code Hunt’

Adults invited to participate in ‘Great Easter Code Hunt’

Posted: Friday, April 15, 2011 5:01 pm

This Easter, while Obion County children enjoy participating in the traditional Easter egg hunts throughout the county, Obion County adults will have some Easter hunting of their own! The Obion County Chamber of Commerce and Master Design Marketing are inviting area residents to participate in the Great Easter Code Hunt.
What kind of code will residents be hunting? A QR Code. This is simply a matrix code (or two-dimensional bar code). (One is pictured in The Messenger, April 15, 2011, edition).
QR Codes were created by a Japanese corporation Denso-Wave, a division of Toyota ( in 1994 to track auto parts. The “QR” is derived from “Quick Response,” as the creator intended the code to allow its contents to be decoded at high speed.
From its lowly beginning as a tracking mechanism for auto parts, QR codes have proven to be very useful for people to gain quick access to information on products they may want to purchase.
The codes are widely used in Asia and Europe and are rapidly becoming mainstream in the USA. With nothing but a cell phone equipped with a camera, Internet connection and free QR code reader software, people can access specific information: a coupon, a text message, a website, a video, contact information and more.
Those involved will need to set up their cell phones to read the codes. The rest is easy. Just go to with the cell phone. The site will automatically figure out from which phone is being used and download the software onto the phone (data rates may apply). People can take a picture of the codes and their phones know exactly what to do with them.
After someone has set up a phone, they are invited to try scanning the example code (which is the one pictured in The Messenger, April 15, 2011, edition). Phones should automatically send a text message once it is possible to scan the code. This message goes to the Obion County Chamber of Commerce and enters the user’s phone number into a drawing for a $25 VISA gift card.
Now the fun really begins, according to organizers. Starting Sunday and going through Easter Sunday, all Obion County citizens are invited to participate in the Great Easter Code Hunt. Many businesses throughout the county will be displaying QR codes in their place of business. Area residents are invited to find them, scan the codes and receive coupons or prizes or be entered into drawings. Those without camera phones can utilize a text message alternative.
For more information about the Great Easter Code Hunt and to see a list of participating businesses and prizes, residents are advised to go to

Published in The Messenger 4.15.11

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