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Speed zone may change in UC

Speed zone may change in UC

Posted: Thursday, April 7, 2011 9:59 pm

Associate Editor
The speed limit on a portion of Reelfoot Avenue may soon be changing, but just which one is uncertain.
Union City city manager Kathy Dillon informed the Union City Council Tuesday night that there have been some concerns regarding the speed limit between Lowe’s and Walmart. Going toward Troy it is 45 mph, but coming into town toward Lowe’s it is 35 mph.
She said she wants to make sure the public knows the Tennessee Department of Transportation is the agency which set the speed limits and they’ve been those limits for many years, well before Union City decided to utilize traffic control cameras to make the city’s streets safer.
Ms. Dillon said TDOT has been contacted and asked about making the speed limit the same on both sides. The city is waiting on TDOT’s response. The department is expected to do a study before making a change. She said she hopes it will be before the next meeting.
She said the police department will place the flashing speed limit sign on West Reelfoot Avenue coming into town so people know to slow down to 35 mph.
In other business, after the meeting was opened in prayer by city attorney Jim Glasgow Jr., the council:
• Learned there have been no recommendations or volunteers for the Ward 2 seat on City Beautiful Commission. The council also accepted the resignation of Martha Rippy from City Beautiful Commission Ward 1 seat and appointed Ann Moore to replace her.
• Passed a revised resolution concerning Topix. Glasgow reviewed the resolution after it was approved by the council during its previous meeting and decided a portion needed to be removed.
The resolution states the council finds that “the negative comments allowed on Topix could discourage corporations or other companies from opening businesses in Union City, could prevent potential tourists from visiting and could prevent persons considering relocating to Union City from moving here.”
It also states the council desires Topix to block or prohibit any further anonymous postings or forums concerning the “good citizens and businesses of Union City.”
The council also requests that Topix require that the IP address of each person making comments on its site be available so that the source of any false or slanderous postings can be determined.
The attorney general of the State of Tennessee is being requested to investigate and, if necessary, institute legal proceedings against Topix for the false and slanderous comments that it allows to be posted on its site for the reckless invasion of the city’s citizens’ privacy.
• Approved on first reading a zone change from R-1 (low density residential) to B-1 (local business district) for Lot 32 of the EW Richmond subdivision. The lot is located between Miles and Pleasant Valley avenues and behind the car lot on East Reelfoot Avenue. It is owned by Bob Carpenter.
• Agreed to a contract between Carey Counseling and the City of Union City regarding a Community Development Block Grant application. Carey Counseling is purchasing city-owned property on Morgan Street, which the city currently has leased out for farming. The city has agreed to apply for the grant for Carey Counseling. There will be no cost to the city.
• Awarded a demolition bid for 312 Adams St. to Ed McCord for $2,800. Ms. Dillon told the council the Tennessee Municipal League risk management will require workman’s comp for all people bidding to work for the city in the future. She said it probably will raise the cost of some of the bids.
• Read proclamations for Safety Telecommunications Week and Union City City Beautiful Commission Spring Clean Up Week set for May 7-21. All citizens are being asked to participate in the effort.
 • Agreed the city would administer a grant for the county-wide effort to enforce the underage drinking law. There will be no expense to the city.
• Learned about drainage problems and sink holes at Graham Park and what the city plans to do to solve the problems. Ms. Dillon said there have been complaints and she wanted the residents to know it is being worked on.
• Discussed a pot hole on Reelfoot Avenue in front of Walmart. Public works director Steve Ladd said he would contact TDOT, but the city has been unsuccessful in getting other pot holes repaired by the state.
• Reminded residents and commercial mowers that there is a law which prohibits grass clippings from remaining in the street. Ms. Dillon said the city police and public works employees are keeping an eye out for offenders.
• Informed Ms. Dillon that something needs to be done with the small engine shop that looks like a junk yard in the 200 block of Cheatham Street. Councilman Bill “Rat” Harrison said, “If the city judge will not do something, we need to go to a higher court. We need something more than a $25 fine. … It’s a disgrace.”
After the meeting, Harrison told The Messenger, “The city government cannot tackle these problems alone. It needs the support and participation of its citizens to eliminate slum conditions and blight throughout the community. By working together, we will clear the path to realizing our vision of Union City as a model city of vibrancy and sustained growth.”
• Was questioned about yards which need to be repaired on Melrose and Dr. Martin Luther King Drive where Atmos has been installing new gas lines. Ladd said he has spoken with Atmos officials and they are aware of the problems, but it’s been too wet to make those repairs.
• Learned there is a raccoon and rat problem at a vacant home on Todd Street.
• Was informed by Ms. Dillon that the city still hasn’t received reimbursement from the 2009 ice storm clean-up.
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Published in The Messenger 4.7.11

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