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Mr. Rogers is now in charge Victory resigns Central AD post

Mr. Rogers is now in charge Victory resigns Central AD post
Messenger Sports Editor
Tommy Victory will wear one less hat at Obion County Central.
Victory, an assistant principal and the head softball coach at OCCHS, relinquished his athletic director duties this morning after a meeting with Obion County Director of Schools David Huss on Tuesday.
Huss cited unrest within the coaching ranks at Obion Central and in the community for what he called a mutual decision.
Several have questioned how Victory could monitor the entire coaching fraternity at the school after he’d been reprimanded himself by the TSSAA last fall for knowingly violating state rules related to non-school sponsored softball play.
Punishment in addition to several self-imposed sanctions by the school landed the entire OCCHS sports program on probation for one year as ruled by the state’s governing athletic body.
Victory, an Obion Cen-tral graduate and empl-oyee of the school system for 34 years during which he has also coached football, baseball and middle school basketball, will keep his current administration and softball responsibilities.
Craig Rogers, another of two assistant principals at OCCHS and — in fact — the spring sports athletic director at the school, will take over the overall AD duties immediately.
Huss called his part of the decision for Victory to step down “a difficult one.”
“There hasn’t been any one particular comment or person who has said anything that brought me to this decision, it’s just been a culmination of things,” he said. “I have had some people who’ve made the comment of ‘How can he tell me what I can or can’t do something when he himself broke the rules’?
“I just don’t think it would be in the best interest of Obion Central to continue with Mr. Victory in the athletic director position. There is a little bit of a conflict of interest, and I take full responsibility because I was the one who put him those two positions.”
Victory, who admitted his wrongdoing to the TSSAA charges and paid a $500 fine from his own pocket, said following the resolution of the matter in November that he did not feel his role as AD or effectiveness in that position would be diminished because of the incident.
In the aftermath of his meeting with Huss on Tuesday though, he said he was mistaken in that assessment.
“I made a mistake, I admitted it and I was punished for it. But like David (Huss) said, some people just couldn’t get over it,” Victory claimed. “The bottom line though, is that I did this to myself. I’m not bitter, but I am disappointed.”
Victory, who told the school’s coaches this morning that he would step down, said he was the most disillusioned in his opinion that there is not unity within the OCCHS coaching ranks.
“I’m not sure Obion Central is a family of coaches. I think we have coaches who are out for their own program instead of everybody pulling for everybody. They’re more concerned with their particular sport than the overall athletic program,” he insisted.
“I just don’t know if the unity is there or will ever be there. I couldn’t get it done.”
Victory concluded that the OC sports programs had been given everything materially they needed to be competitive with other schools in the area.
In my four years, I truly believe I’ve been fair to every sport and tried to give them everything they needed as an athletic director,” he said.
“We’re in good financial shape as far as the athletic fund. Kids have nice uniforms and we’ve bought coaching aides and provided kids with whatever they need to be successful.”
Huss said he expected Rogers’ appointment to the AD post to be permanent.
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Published in The Messenger 4.6.11

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