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Dresden Duplicate Club

Dresden Duplicate Club

Posted: Wednesday, April 6, 2011 8:03 pm
By: Toni Pritchett

Dresden Duplicate had a wonderful and fun loving bridge game Wednesday afternoon at The American Legion Building.  Twenty ladies and gents filed in the room, providing enough players to have five tables of bridge.   After dining on cheese and crackers, cheese, pickles, olives and crackers, two bowls of spinach dip with chips and Mexican Santitos, chocolate brownies, caramel cake, winners of the five table Mitchell game emerged.  First place winners in the N/S game were Bob Sanner of Union City and Sharon Fields of Paris; second place in the N/S were Toni Pritchett and Freddye Oliver of Union City.  E/W winners were First place Jackie Hohman and Carol Ehlers, both of Paris, second place in E/W were Minnie Bess Williams of Paris, and Lois Harbour of Union City, third place in the E/W were Tom Beard and Sarah Pentecost, both of Dresden.
     Getting excited about Jackie Kennedy.    After their honeymooning in Acapulco the Kennedy’s settled down in the famous Georgetown and then to please JFK, Jackie took a course in American History.  She didn’t like it much, saying “It’s for men and its too much like politics”
 She had been a Republican all her life as the Bourviers and Autchincloss’ were and until she met JFK, had never even voted.  She quoted herself “I’m an old fashioned wife and I’ll do anything my husband wants me to do.”
   (to be continued…)

cies and she was bothered more than she liked about his flirtations.    
     In 1954, he entered the hospital for special surgery for a spinal operation.  A long recovery, Jackie helped brighten his days by reading to him, playing Monopoly and checkers and at one point had Grace Kelley don a nurses uniform and come into the room and say “I’m the new night nurse”  He was so sick, he never noticed her or recognized her!
     After two miscarriages, children finally arrived.  Caroline in 1957 and John Jr. in 1960.
     In January 1960, Kennedy announced his candidacy for Democratic nomination for President.  Jackie immediately became his best and greatest asset.  She worked feverishly for him and wrote a weekly column called “Campaign Wife” and in one town at a supermarket, she picked up a microphone and said just keep with your shopping while I tell you about my husband J. F. Kennedy.  She talked briefly about his work in Congress and other positions and said  “And he would love your vote, please vote for him”
 She became pregnant while campaigning.  Crowds loved it when JFK referred to his wife’s condition.  He would tell crowds “she says it is going to be a boy”
 He won the Democratic vote and she becomes First Lady.  To be continued

wcp 4/5/11

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