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Mayors proclaim Child Abuse Prevention Month

Mayors proclaim Child Abuse Prevention Month
Mayors proclaim Child Abuse Prevention Month | Child Abuse Prevention Month

Martin Mayor Randy Brundige (left) and Weakley County Mayor Houston Patrick are pictured signing the document with several members of the Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity.
The Exchange Club – Carl Perkins Centers for the Prevention of Child Abuse will be teaching families how to create an environment of “Peace, Love and Happy Children” during the month of April, which is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.
A hippie-themed campaign will be conducted in all rural West Tennessee counties throughout April.
The focus of the campaign will be the Five Protective Factors as outlined by the Center for the Study of Social Policy, who conducted a two-year study in 2001 to determine if there might be an effective avenue for preventing child abuse and neglect.
From the study, the Five Protective Factors were designed. Using hippie lingo to illustrate the point, the Five Protective Factors are:
1. A nurturing home makes the family outta sight.
2. A hip parent knows how to give peace a chance.
3. Groovy parents stay cool when things get heavy.
4. A far-out commune of friends gives power to the family.
5. Right-on resources like grub, threads and a swingin’ pad to pull it all together.
Using these five factors, families are able to improve the quality of family life.
To further promote the child abuse prevention campaign, the Centers are also selling t-shirts with the “Peace, Love and Happy Children” design on the front and back. There are two t-shirts to choose from this year: one featuring a tie-dye background and one featuring a hippie van. The white, short-sleeve tees are $15 each and more for extra-large sizes and can be purchased at any Carl Perkins Center. Banks, industries and other larger companies are allowing their employees to wear the t-shirts on a designated CAP Day in each county.
On CAP Day, some centers will hold a parade that will end with a Woodstock-era sit-in at the court square. Many participants will be dressed in hippie attire while others will wear their CAP Month t-shirt.
“We promote CAP Month every year to remind the public about the importance of protecting children,” DeLaine Bottoms, Carl Perkins Center Associate Director, said. “Through themes like ‘Peace, Love and Happy Children,’ we are able to gain public attention and reach parents who may need our help. We work to prevent child abuse every single day, but CAP Month gives us an opportunity to remind parents that children deserve to live in a home filled with peace and love. That’s how you raise happy children.”
The centers will also conduct balloon launches at Head Starts, distribute child abuse prevention pencils to third graders prior to TCAP testing, give child abuse prevention flyers to Mothers Day Outs and day cares, have displays at libraries, book stores and schools, recognize the Child Protective Investigative Teams and put up blue ribbons in communities.
“We are excited about promoting the ‘Peace, Love and Happy Children’ campaign during Child Abuse Prevention Month,” Bottoms said. “I encourage everyone to purchase a t-shirt and get involved with their local centers. It’s through community involvement that we are able to spread our mission of hope.” To participate in CAP Month activities in Weakley and Obion counties or for more information, contact the local office at 731-587-0768.

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