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‘Catch me if you can’ 5K race held

‘Catch me if you can’ 5K race held

Posted: Friday, April 1, 2011 12:03 am

'Catch me if you can' 5K race held | Catch me if you can 5K race

Overall winners Drake Campbell and Sarah Hatler
BancorpSouth recently held their first “Catch Me If You Can” 5K. Proceeds benefited  Weakley County East Relay For Life. With 75 runners, the inaugural race was a success.
Winners were as follows in each age group: men 10-under – first Paxton Davis, second Tyler Baggett; 11-15 – first Donovan Davis, second Jastin James, third Chase Carden’. 16-20 – first Austin Maxey, second Damian Gallimore; 21-29 – first Fred Hatler,second Jacob Mosley, third Jake Bynum; 30-39 – first  Justin Chandler, second Chris Butts  third Ricky Garlitz; 40-49 – first Todd Maxey, second  Kenneth Grant third Mike Moody; 50-over – first Gwin Anderson, second  David Hatler, third Roy Herron.
Overall Men’s winner was Drake Campbell with a time of 17:30 and Masters Men’s winner was Randy Davis with a time of 18:52
In the women’s groups: 10-under – first Casey Palmer, second Ally Palmer; 11-15 – first  Grace Finch, second Laura Barber, third Carly Greer; 21-29 – first Albany Cianfarani, second  Emily Dunn, third Margot Creasman; 30-39 – first Leigh-An Baker, second Weslie Hill, third Nicci Winston; 40-49 – first Jennifer Davis; 50-over – first Shelby Hurley and second Rocky Smyth.
Overall Women’s winner was Sarah Hatler with a time of 21:58 and Women’s Masters winner was Lynn Patterson with a time of 22:18.

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