UC Middle School students know the science of winning

UC Middle School students know the science of winning

Posted: Wednesday, March 30, 2011 11:53 am

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Union City Middle School students have winning down to a science.
Several sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders recently earned topped honors in the school’s annual Science Fair and a number of them qualified for regional competition in Jackson.
At the UCMS Science Fair, students competed in life/biological science and physical science as individuals or in groups.
School winners included:
Physical science, team
Sixth grade — First place, Anna Oliver and Abby Bruff, “Cleaning Up Oil Spills”; second place, Matthew Herrell and Blake Huggins, “Methane Gas: Trash to Gas”; and third place, Emily Searcy and Lilly Burcham, “Acid Rain.”
Seventh grade — First place, Caroline Chism and Ivey Westbrooks, “Souped Up Softball”; second place, Emily Kizer and Alex Parks, “What’s Cooking?”; and third place, Will Sisco and Jamison Blackwell, “Oxidation of Nails.”
Eighth grade — First place, Christian Campos, Peyton Cox and Davis Odle, “Mathematical Correlation Between Molecular Cohe-sion and Adhesion Strengths of Water”; and second place, Karl Ullrich and Braden Barnett, “Weather Conditions and Their Impact on the Accuracy of a Bullet.”
Physical, individual
Sixth grade — First place, Brett Bivens, “Salt Water vs. Tap Water”; second place, Gage Guiles, “What Liquid Would Cause Nails to Rust the Fastest?”; and third place, Luke Gurgel, “Free Energy.”
Seventh grade — First place, Bayleigh Powers, “Frizzy or Flat: Can Hair Measure Humidity?”; and second place, John B. Clendenin, “Liquid Nitrogen Experiments.”
Eighth grade — First place, Ellis Critchlow, “Space Time: How Will It End?”; and second place, Hunter Corley, “Tornadoes in Action.”
Biological science, team
Seventh grade — First place, Kelsey Lane Parker, Farin Cloyd and Kaitlyn Sills, “Teeth Deterioration”; and second place, Millie Critchlow and Megan Hightower, “Is the Heart Beat Affected by Music?”
Eighth grade — First place, Elizabeth Shanks, Garrow Miles and Mary Lawrence Critchlow, “The Effect of Shoe Brands on an Athlete’s Performance”; and second place, Charleston Yanders and Antionette Youngblood, “What Is the Problem With Pork and Beef?”
Biological, individual
Sixth grade — First place, Ariana Warner, “Earth-worms: Slimy Pests or Humanity Helper?”
Seventh grade — First place (tie), Kizer Harris, “Going Bananas,” and Jon David Fuzzell, “Which Type of Packaging Will Cause Bananas to Ripen Quicker?”; and second place, Jasmine Youngblood, “Does Smell Affect Taste?”
Eighth grade — First place, Timetheus Barber, “How Robots Could Help the World and Disabled People”; and second place, Cailee Sinclair, “How Much Compost Can a Worm Eat?”
Regional recognition
Several UCMS Science Club members also competed in the West Tennessee Regional Science and Engi-neering Fair, held at Union University in Jackson.
UCMS students received nine awards, including four Union awards.
Bayleigh Powers’ project won first place in her division, as well as the American Meteorological Society Award, the Society for Science and the Public Broadcom Master’s award. The wins gave her monetary awards totaling $148.
The project by Christian Campos, Davis Odle and Peyton Cox was also a first-place winner in the junior team division. Their total earnings was $253.
Anna Oliver and Abby Bruff’s entry earned second place in the elementary division, winning $66.
Karl Ullrich and Braden Barnett won third place in the junior team entry and received the U.S. Air Force Achievement Award, which gave them winnings of $93.
Ellis Critchlow’s entry received awards which included the U.S. Air Force Achievement Award and U.S. Navy Achievement Award.
There were 16 UCMS students who advanced to the regional event. Other participants were Daniel Huggins, Matthew Herrell, Emily Searcy, Caroline Chism, Ivey Westbrooks, Kizer Harris and Jon David Fuzzell.

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