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Posted: Wednesday, March 30, 2011 8:02 pm
By: Jessica Teal, Activity Director

By Jessica Teal

Activity Director

March Bingo winners were Connie Powell, R.C. Nunley, Glyndon Shaw, Sandra Winston, Evelyn Nooner, Vivian Hubbard, Alberta Laws, Wayne Reynolds, Fred Jones, Norma Wilson and Daisy Blackburn. Yahtzee winners this month were Margaret Plunk, Aurthur Davis, Annie Durham and Patricia Duncan. We really enjoyed Ms. Sue from Care-All –she was our special guest that came and called Bingo one day.

One of our special events that took place in March was “Start a new habit day.” We had a small group and discussed what new habit we would like to start. Some said the wanted to be more organized, while others said they would like to start becoming more spontaneous. We also had a “Make up your own holiday” day. That was a fun discussion. Sandra Winston decided that Christmas needs to be every Friday. Then, we celebrated Barbie’s Birthday. We showed off some new and old Barbies that day.

Some other special events we celebrated this month was the Pillsbury™ Dough Boy’s birthday. We had cookies and milk. There was also “As young as you feel day.” We started the day off with a spa day for the women. We did their hair and makeup. Then as they looked in the mirror we came up with ages they felt. The last special event was Chips and Dip Day. We had different types of dips and sampled a little bit of each one. There was some that the residents liked better than others. 

The St. Patrick’s Day party was a blast. The dining room was decorated in green, yellow and white decorations. There were shamrocks dangling from the ceiling. We had sandwiches, chips, rotel dip and a big green cake with yellow and white decorations on it. We also drank green punch. 

The residents enjoyed themselves that day. We had silly hats and shamrock beads that we passed out.

When the weather was warmer we went outside and had ice cream sundaes on the front porch. Bonnie Jacobs, James Harrell, Delores Perry, Alberta Laws, Dorothy Gunn, Glyndon Shaw, Martha Bell, Wayne Reynolds, Charles Maberry, Norma Wilson, Doris Maasseen, Eunice Young, Aurthur Davis, Elizabeth Flowers and Sandra Winston enjoyed sitting in the sun. We also went on a stroll around the building. That was fun because we all got to notice that some of the flowers were blooming.

The March birthdays were Lucille Sharrock, Viola Becker, James Granner, Lizzie Williams and Doris Bufford. We had a birthday party at the end of the month for them with cake and punch. Viola Becker had a special party because she turned 100 years old!!!! She had a cake with purple roses on it. She really enjoyed herself and was able to celebrate with her family and friends. 

March was a fun month and we all got a taste of that warmer weather. Easter is right around the corner and our annual Easter Egg Hunt will be April 22 at 2 p.m. The age groups are 0-4, 5-7 and 8-11. All family and friends are invited to attend.   

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