Dresden Duplicate Club

Dresden Duplicate Club

Posted: Wednesday, March 30, 2011 8:02 pm
By: Toni Pritchett

Dresden Duplicate Bridge Club met March 23 with four tables in play,  We all come together week after week  – sometime we have five or six tables. Oh, what fun we have when we have six tables in play. People enjoy seeing one another and are there for a certain degree of gratification  to see how well they can do against all the competition.
   Food is fun and no one goes hungry.  Minnie Bess always makes muffins, cookies, cakes datebars or peach-sliced cake. A certain few always bring doughnuts, etc. Cheese and crackers are always welcome and spinach dip and BLT Ddip and Lucy
Bogue  of Milan has a monoply on loaves of bannana nut bread.
   Winner of the games Wednesday were first Freddyes Oliver of Union City. and Jack Bogue, second Jane Young and Reba Nell Brasfield, third Carolyn Rogers and Ruthie Jenkins and fourth Roberta Meyer, and Gene Fulks.
    Hopefully our attendance will be up next week.  Let’s keep our priorities in order – Remember Wednesdays are for Bridge
not doctor appointments or beauty appointments or Shopping

Now getting back to Jacquelin Kennedy
With his election to the U.S. Senate in 1952, there were movies together bridge games, dinners and friends. He was ready to get married. But Jackie held herself back. Her father had told her to play hard to get. But in time, she fell deeply in love with the handsome and wealthy senator. He fell in love, she was bright, witty, attractive and her reticenses piqued him.  Her Bouveir
and Auchincloss connections raised her a notch or two, as well.

She surprised him bygoing to London to cover the coronation of Queen Elizabeth.
    He didn’t like her being gone all the time. All the new men she was meeting.  He called her articles excellent, but “you are missed.”
   She returned, eagerly waiting for her, 24th birthday.
   They were married just before her 24th birthday.  It was a big event – 10 bridesmaids, 14 ushers, 600 guests and 1,700 for the reception

Jackie’s father had planned on giving her away, but when he got slightly tipsy in his bedroom, Jackie’s mother barred him from the church. snd Hugh Auchincloss performed the “giving of  the bride”.

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