Deed transfers

Deed transfers

Posted: Friday, March 25, 2011 12:03 am

• Christopher Bridgeman, Belinda Bridgeman, Jennifer Bridgeman and John Bridgeman to Steven Greenwell, trustee, John R. Greenwell Trust B and Greenwell John R. Trust B

• Dennis Wayne Howard and Marlon Howard to Burnie Powers and Suzanne Powers

• Robert Bridgeman and Meike A. Bridgeman to Hunter Byrd Whitesell and Eugenia B. Whitesell

• Meike A. Bridgeman and Robert Bridgeman to Larry Rand Brazel and Mary Michelle T. Brazel

• Brenda J. Taylor to Fred R. Simmons and Wilda J. Simmons

• Jason Plunk and Michelle Plunk to Larry W. Taylor and Patricia L. Taylor

• Scotty Ogg to Paul Ray Needham

• Teresa Stout and Robert A. Stewart to Gina F. Jackson

• Teresa Stout to Gina F. Jackson

• Russell Wireman to Shaunda Shadowens

• Gene Wade Garner to Jesse Wade Garner

• Bryan Roberts and Shannon Roberts to Joe D. Porter

• Malcolm E. Callison and Sarah Callison to C & J Enterprises, C&J Enterprises, Jerry D. Crosser and William K. Jackson

• Bill Stricklin and Ramona Stricklin to Keith A. Douglas and Denise O. Douglas

• Everett Dee House to Mary Jean O’Callaghan

• Phillip W. Finch to Joe T. Henderson and Daphne M. Henderson

• Thomas Hill and Janet Hill to Valerio Aguilar and Lorena Aguilar

• Danny Joe Ladd and Karen D. Ladd to Robert E. Perry and Shirley F. Perry

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