Hillview Community Living Center News

Hillview Community Living Center News

Posted: Wednesday, March 23, 2011 8:02 pm
By: Kim Mitchell, Activity Director

By Kim Mitchell

Activity Director

Well Spring is here and the residents are beginning to venture out on the front porch. The warmer weather is making everyone feel so good. The residents love going out and sitting in the swing and the rockers.  Some of our residents have even started picking the butter cups that have bloomed so beautifully. 

We had an exciting St. Patrick’s Day week! We all enjoyed a day of St. Patrick Day coloring on Wednesday. The residents chose from the many different coloring sheets displaying funny leper cons, a rainbow with a pot of gold, and even a picture of a little Irish girl.  The resident loved coloring their masterpieces with the many crayons, coloring pencils, and bright markers.  The residents then showed their many talents in our St. Patrick’s Day Craft. They showed off their painting skills as they painted shamrocks and pots of gold. All the residents did a really good job! We ended our St. Patrick’s Day celebrations with a Pot of Gold Party! The dinning room was decorated with many shamrocks hanging from the ceiling and even shamrocks on the tables as decorations. The residents enjoyed the bologna, cheese, and crackers. As well as the St. Patrick’s Day decorated soft sugar cookies and cake.  All enjoyed the festivities and partied all afternoon! Also during the week we enjoyed a few games. On Monday morning a few of the residents participated in a delicious game called Doughnut Toss. No we did not toss the doughnut! The residents tossed bean bags into buckets on the floor that were worth five, ten, and the farthest one was worth fifteen points. Our top winners were Mary Diviney, Michael Louie, Harold Scherfel, and Mabel Williams who all received their fresh doughnut first.  The other participates received their doughnuts next and all enjoyed a cup of hot fresh coffee as well. Later in the week we had Game and Hobby Day! Residents chose to play from a variety of board games, several enjoyed putting together puzzles, and we did lots of coloring. Two ladies brought down their crocheting projects that were very beautifully crafted.  As always on Friday we played a round of Bingo.The residents had lots to choose from this week. We had color by number posters, beautiful jewelry, sensational lotions, snack cakes, or a can of Coke! The residents love showing off their new Bingo prizes! 

We had on Friday morning our monthly Resident Council Meeting. This is where residents can voice complaints, compliments, or concerns. They also get to vote on the Menu of the Month!  In attendance we had 10 residents and 9 approved employees. We would like to thank First Baptist Church and Bible Union for coming out on Sunday.  

We would also like to give a special thanks to Union Chapel Church for the generous donations bought to us. The residents were very proud to receive the items.  Harmony Baptist, Sam Baker, and Nicky Hampton and Friends also came out and we appreciate everything these churches’s do!  

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