Our readers write

Our readers write

Posted: Tuesday, March 22, 2011 8:02 pm

Officials being assailed unfairly

To The Editor:
I would like to respond to the article on the front page of the newspaper (March 8) concerning Topix and my proposal to the county commissioners. First of all, I was not representing Second Baptist Church, but I was simply expressing my freedom of speech as a citizen. I was chosen to speak on the behalf of a group of concerned citizens who feel that Topix is doing great harm to our community.
Our commissioners have been unfairly attacked over this issue. The newspaper article was 75 percent about the Topix resolution even though I spoke only about five minutes. The commissioners dealt with many other issues that day. I say that to tell folks that they are dealing with the vital issues of our community and not spending a lot of time and no money on the Topix issue. It is sad that our commissioners are being bashed with such unfair criticism and harsh personal attacks. They deserve more respect, appreciation and prayers by all of us.
The concerned citizens are not trying to take away anyone’s freedom of speech. We are not trying to shut down Topix. However, we do believe freedom of speech includes responsibility. A person doesn’t have the freedom to walk into a theater and yell “fire” when there is no fire. A person who anonymously calls a school and says there is a bomb will be hunted down by the authorities. Even our newspaper will not print “letters to the editor” which are anonymous. Topix has no accountability for those who want to slander individuals, businesses and churches.
Anybody can say anything they want about our citizens, our businesses and our churches and not put their names to their posts. This is simply not right. That is why we are requesting a resolution from our government officials to Topix to post the computer IP numbers in order to identify these individuals.
I would be held accountable by our city if I dumped sewage from my house into our city streets. These people who are bent on slandering individuals, businesses and churches are dumping their sewage of words into our city with no accountability whatsoever. If you Google Union City, Tennessee, Topix is one of the first items that comes up. It is an embarrassment to our county and city for someone looking to move here. Our community is so much better than this and it should not allow such to go on any longer.
All we are asking is that these individuals be held accountable and that they give their names if they are going to speak such defamatory words against our fellow citizens, businesses and churches. I agree with (county commissioner Danny) Jowers; it truly is a cowardly thing to make such horrendous comments and then give a false name to the post.
These are days we all need to be working hard to better our community. Obion County is a great place to live. Yes, we have problems like every other place, however, I would hope we would focus on tackling the problems rather than attacking the people. And, yes, I am putting my name to this letter.
Eddie Mallonee
Union City

Published in The Messenger 3.22.11

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