I would totally be lost without my cell phone

I would totally be lost without my cell phone

Posted: Friday, March 18, 2011 8:02 pm

I would totally be lost without my cell phone | Just A Thought, Donna Ryder

I absolutely can’t live without my cell phone.
Several years ago, I thought I’d never need a cell phone. I resisted getting one.
My mother-in-law bought two — one for me and one for my husband — when I was pregnant with my first child 14 years ago. We lived in Cheatham County and the two times I needed to absolutely use it, I was in a dead zone. The first time I was in my car headed to Clarksville to get The Ashland City Times to The Leaf-Chronicle for printing. I was half-way there and needed to call the office because a fire truck had just passed me with sirens blazing. I was in the bluff area and there was no service.
The second time I needed it was to call 911. I was traveling home after a day of Christmas shopping. I headed into an “S” curve and noticed up on the hill a huge buck looking towards the roadway. I was too late. The doe was right in front of me and I hit her head-on. All four of her legs were broken. The radiator was pushed back into the motor of my truck; mount broken. It was dark and cold. The phone wouldn’t work and the first two cars which came by did not stop. The deer was in the road, her head moving up and down as she struggled to get up. Luckily for me, a Henrietta volunteer firefighter was visiting with his in-laws on top of the hill and came down to investigate the screeching and crashing sound he had just heard.
When we moved to Union City in 1998, we gave up the cell phones after the contract ran out. I told me husband we had lived without cell phones before and didn’t need the extra expense. Then, about 2004 or 2005 I was coming back from Gratio in my little red car after having taken pictures of a school fall function. I was on the four-lane between Troy and Union City when the car belt broke. There I was, stuck on the four-lane with no phone. My options — walk back to Troy or get a ride to Union City. A motorist from Lake County stopped to try and help out and gave me a ride to The Messenger, where I was able to call a tow truck to go get my car. As it turns out, the driver grew up with my mom and was in my uncle’s class. Small world. I was lucky the belt didn’t break while I was on the Bluff Road. I’m not sure how long it would have taken me to get back to Union City from there.
It wasn’t long after that episode that I got cell phones for the family.
I use my phone on a daily basis. Of course, I can keep in touch with my sister wherever I am (we probably talk over 1,000 minutes a month on the cell), but I can also use it to listen to FM radio and I listen to my Mp3 files on it each morning when I go to the gym.
Probably the most important things I use my phone for are the calendar reminders and the alarm clock. I wake up to it every morning and it tells me with a tone when it’s time for me to go to a meeting or a doctor’s appointment or when it’s time to activate The Messenger’s website at 9 each night. If I didn’t key my appointments into the phone, I would constantly forget where I’m suppose to be. I guess that all comes with age.
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