Hillview Community Living Center

Hillview Community Living Center

Posted: Friday, March 18, 2011 12:02 am
By: Kim Mitchell, Activity Director

Well, we had another exciting week at Hillview Community Living Center!  The residents are getting excited about the warmer weather coming and the new activities on the schedule! 

Monday morning started off with a vigorous exercise class with Randy our therapist. Residents got a good start to the day by warming up their muscles.  Residents enjoyed raising their arms high above their head and lifting their legs up and down. Residents got to stretch and work out all the kinks in their body. Randy did a great job on instructing the residents and they enjoyed the fellowship. And as always, every Monday the ladies gather around the table to have manicures. The ladies really enjoy this. Not only do they get all dolled up but they can catch up on all the gossip and the local happenings.  

We had a great time at our Mardi Gras Party!  Residents loved the gumbo and rice, pig in a blanket, and a slice of cake. The residents kept coming back for seconds for the delicious gumbo and rice.  The party didn’t just end with the food. Residents enjoyed the Mardi Gras beads and masks as party favors.  All had a great time!! Later in the week we all enjoyed a Morning Social Hour.  Muffins and hot coffee were served to all who came down for the social time. Residents enjoy talking to each other and a little trivia was thrown into the mix as well. Every afternoon about 3:30 residents enjoy a cup of coffee in the dinning room.  On some occasions they take in a Clint Eastwood or a John Wayne movie with their coffee.  Just can’t beat that!!

Games of the Week! Several of our residents participated in the exciting games.  First game was Giant Dart Toss. Residents had to try and hit the bull’s eye on a giant dart mat on the floor.  This game seemed easy for our top winners. Tying in first place was Michael Louie and Mabel Williams with 810 points. Donald Roberts’ 725 points gave him the second spot and Hugh Taylor came in third with 605 points. Our second game of the week was a good old-fashioned game of horseshoes. Residents loved talking about how they used to play this game growing up.  James McLeod took the high honors at this game as he got the most ringers.  Helen Holley and Terry Henderson followed closely behind him.  Another game we played was bowling!  The residents loved bowling down the pins and getting high scores. 

With just playing three rounds of bowling James McLeod came in first yet again with a score of 21, Michael Louie took the second spot with 18 points and Johnny Little came in third with a close 17 points.  Our final game of the week was a reminiscing game called Tell Me All About It.  Residents enjoyed discussing if they lived on a farm or grew up in the city.  All talked about how things used to be and when life was simpler.  

The residents had an exciting week with two days of Bingo!  We want to give a special thanks to Ms. Sue Dorin from Care All for coming out and playing Bingo with us.  Residents enjoyed the cookies and the small candy bar as prizes.  We played a regular round of straight line Bingo and then an exciting round of Cover Card.  Residents had the opportunity to win an extra pack of cookies! We had our usual game of Bingo on Friday.  Residents chose from snack cakes, chips, a can of Coke™, lotions or puzzle books.  We continue to thank the area churches for taking the time to come out and provide Sunday services and singing for our residents.          

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