Churches called upon to pray for anti-meth bill

Churches called upon to pray for anti-meth bill

Across the state of Tennessee, pastors and their congregations are assembling to address the epidemic issues of methamphetamine and other illegal substances that are affecting children and families.

Beginning at 1 p.m. on Saturday, April 2 at the Monroe County Courthouse in Monroe County, the event will include a petition through public prayer to reinstate the Ten Commandments back into courthouses in Tennessee and a petition to God to restore East Tennessee as a “shining example to the rest of the nation of His power and grace.” 

Church members are encouraged to attend the event and carry signs and banners in order to make a statement on the issues. For more information, call pastor David Cooper at 865-898-1799 or event coordinator Rachael Fann at 865-382-6118.

wcp 3/17/11

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